A Road Map for Cooperation to Destroy Israel

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It would seem the French have scuttled the Iran deal — briefly, much to John Kerry’s and Barack Obama’s chagrin. Kerry is woefully and angrily stating that the Iran nuclear deal has collapsed and Iran has stomped off into the Islamic weeds. Wahhh! But never fear — Progressive Kerry is here to wreck the day! He’ll be back finishing what he started on November 20th if all goes according to his evil agenda. But damn those moral Conservatives protecting Israel – damn them, he says:

Iran failed to sign up to an agreement which would have settled the long standing dispute over its nuclear programme, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, has said.

Mr Kerry said he remained optimistic that a deal could be reached through the Geneva talks with Iran despite the last-minute collapse of a deal at the weekend. Israel and hawks in the US Congress have spoken out against a short-term agreement that would allow Iran to continue enriching uranium at low levels which could be used in power stations but not as part of a nuclear arms programme.

“What we are doing will protect Israel more effectively,” Mr Kerry said during a visit to the United Arab Emirates.

According to Mr Kerry the P5+1 group, representing the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, were united when the proposed deal was presented to the Iranian negotiating team on Saturday.

“But Iran couldn’t take it, at that particular moment they weren’t able to accept,” Mr Kerry said.

Curses, foiled again! But, he’s not done trying to tie Israel to the Iranian nuclear tracks just yet:

“Our hope is that in the next months we can find an agreement that meets everyone’s standards.”

According to officials in the Obama administration, Washington had been prepared to relax economic sanctions and free some of the Iran’s assets if Teheran was prepared to freeze its nuclear programme for six months.

The Mullahs are busy little terrorist bees and with Obama’s help, they have come up with a road map to hell:

Meanwhile Iran was taking other steps to show its willingness to compromise. An Iranian news agency reported that the country and International Atomic Energy Agency had agreed a “roadmap for co-operation’’.

The agreement with the UN nuclear watchdog was announced at a joint press conference in Tehran.

However the remarks by Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s nuclear head, appeared to be in stark contrast to those made by Mr Kerry.

“The joint statement that was signed today details a roadmap for cooperation that determines mutual steps to resolve remaining issues,” he said.

Yukiya Amano, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, described the deal as an important step” but added “much more must be done”.

So, the American government keeps on spouting lies that they will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons, while doing everything but helping with the launch codes against Israel. America seems to have lost her moral compass and has grown silent and passive in the face of stopping her Marxist dictator. What ever happened to ‘never again?’ Israel will not submissively stand by and quietly wait to be obliterated by Iran. But it would appear that America will as a road map for cooperation to destroy Israel moves forward.


  1. It is a clear strategy once you understand that President Obama is Sunni muslim. Allowing Israel to face off against Shia Islamic forces without sufficient American help would promote Sunni Islam and its extremist forces like Al Qaeda. http://blog.doodooecon.com/2013/09/syria-reveals-rise-of-islam-in-america.html

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