Reince Priebus Catches Some Reality from Mark Levin over Virginia & RINO Shell Games


  1. It’s called “controlled opposition.”

  2. There are people in VA that are VERY upset over this outcome.

    He said, “Wait and see what happens”????? RNC, Priebus….YOU SUCK! Elite RINO Progressive POS. What good are you!! This is a huge loss for America’s Individual Freedoms, not just Virginia. WOW. And you people that did not vote…What good are you? They are going to take your guns…Obama & Hillary are laughing at the tricks they pulled off. Just WOW…Priebus you are either out of touch or corrupt as hell.

    I need to find out what Levin is saying today…I’m sure he’s popped his cork. And he should, he lives there.

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