How Agenda 21’s Green Fascism Stems from Nazism and Fertility Religion (video)

and Baal worship?  aha’?


Mark Musser has communicated extensively about this set of issues and related, important subjects,

His research, contextualization, and interpretation of these relational influences are fascinating and to be heeded. – AW

Via YouTube, with Mark Musser’s caption below:

Published on Oct 21, 2013

Environmentalists use ‘science’ to prophesy of apocalyptic ecological doom. Needless to say, mixing science with eschatology is pure science fiction. For a much better appreciation of how environmentalism may actually relate to the apocalypse, tune into my biblical lecture entitled, “Relating Baalism to Environmental Fascism and the Apocalypse” delivered in December of 2012 at the Dallas Pre-Trib Conference

Mark Musser

Mark Musser



  1. Nearly every adult in the world should learn from this.


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