CRITICAL: Relearn the 20th Century – Three Must See Videos for All Adults (updated)

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Definitely going to update, edit, and round this out, soon — and will bring it back to the top of the Resisters’ Log, a.k.a., Gulag Blog list. It will have some big stuff about American Betrayal — and maybe that third stanza.

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Situational Awareness in the Gardens

Now, to understand where you have come,
Gain command of how things came to be.
Look back, see the lines, where the present is from,
Relearn the Twentieth Century.

Then you can see which way you must go,
Each plot, its plants checked at each border.
Look back on each row, then you’ll know where to hoe,
For real growth in the true world order.

(Then, maybe a third stanza; what rhymes with uproot?)


alert-black-redIn the past three netcasts of Sovereignty Unbound, with the PRN network, we have played the audio of these three critically important videos. They are shown here, each in full.

Each video is so important to understand, that the subject matter has been almost successfully quashed by those it exposes, even to the purchase and de-circulation of nearly all copies of some of the hard copy information to which they refer, prior to the Internet age. It is so important to place in as many hands as feasible and recirculate, that I suggest downloading each video. One way to do this is through the use of the free version of RealPlayer.

While they are self-explanatory, I will come back to this posting and provide further, essential information.

(This entry will be updated and revised later today and perhaps not finished until shortly after that. I’ll let you know when it’s done. The first two videos overlap quite a bit in substance, but I suggest watching them in order. I introduced the first one three years ago, here. I also recommend you see the third video as is, despite a suggestion in the presenter’s overlay, to click to a later version with added trappings and some bad audio-video sync.)

Please learn, then share what you may hear and see, below. Relearn the Twentieth Century. They you will be able to understand, looking further back, the sources of this soft war against America, and its popular, state, and national sovereignties… and our very freedom. But even more importantly, you will be able to identify the enemy by the signatures of its work, today, both without and within our own fences and gates. Only then can we ascertain what to do about it all and how to win this war, for our blood-bought birthright as a free people. We are accountable to God for just that.

Exposed are the kinds of people behind the curtain, at the puppet theater’s stage of collectivism, along with many of the strings, levers, and dials:

Video 1/3: “Norman Dodd, G. Edward Griffin, 1982: Reece Cmte., Central Bank Cartel, Foundations

Video 2/3: “Norman Dodd and Stan Monteith – The Enemy Within [Foundations]

Video 3/3: “The Secret History Of Western Education – Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

UPDATE — I think what we’ll do is link to some pages showing some critical points, or excerpt a bit of text/transcript for now. Longer term, we hope to get these revelations into outline form and then…. see what we can do.



  1. Since there are only 3 known copies of the “Reece Report” existing and one is known to be in the library of Congress, why has no one gotten a copy of this report and read it on the floor of the Senate of House chambers? It would seem that a Congressman or Senator would have access to the records of this 83rd Congress and to the library.

    I had watched the 1st video before this and it was quite a revelation that these tax-exempt foundations are undermining individual freedom through their subversion in the State Dept and through Education is THE needed puzzle piece in the who, what, when, where and why of America’s loss of Individual liberty and the total corruption of America’s original system of Independence. Everyone in America NEEDS to know so we can stop them. Thank you for all your efforts. May the light shine ever brighter on this Truth. G-d Bless.

    Ron Paul did an hour interview on the Blaze TV. Ron Paul has started “Home School for Patriots”. He says America needs atleast 25% of the population to be home schooled to restore America to learn TRUTH and retain freedom and liberty in America. I’m for that!


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