Quiz Time! What is: Corporatism?

Put it in a sentence!

Please place your answer(s) in comments, below! Also, any links to resources that describe it accurately!

Hint 1!  People say it’s bad and it is! But it doesn’t mean what people are told by the Marxstream media! – and by many of the Marxoids in education! Feel free to look it up before responding or not! Gulag prizes offered (no value stated)!

Hint 2!  Obamacare is a classic example of corporatism (classic in that it is an authoritarian move in the direction of an ultimate, imaginary corporatism).

Hint 3!  Words that you may wish to search in combinations: corporatism, ministerial socialism, fascism, crony, state capitalism, authoritarianism, collectivism (and of course, gualgbound).

Modern corporatism in action (click to expand  images):


One indicator of why it won’t work:

Obamacare_Chart jpeg

Extra Credit!

What’s wrong with it, even if it did work to some degree?

How does it not comply with authentic American principles?

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