Is Obama the Only President Who Has Ignored the Constitution?

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USA-Constitution-Pg1of4One only has to turn on the television or read the latest article to find many instances where it appears that President Obama is violating the U.S. Constitution or coming close to it.  While much of the mainstream media reports these “violations,” the more left-leaning individuals are not in agreement as to whether there really have been violations.

In December 2011, The Daily Caller, a 24-hour online news publication, posted an article listing President Obama’s “Top 10 Constitutional Violations.” These violations pertain in part to the prominent individual mandate of the Affordable Healthcare Act which requires an individual to purchase healthcare,  the expansion of Medicaid which requires states to expand their Medicaid coverage and reorganize their healthcare, the establishment of the independent advisory panel (named by Sarah Palin as the death panels) and of course, the healthcare waivers given to some employers who will not be required to participate in the burdensome regulations of ObamaCare.  There were other lesser known violations also listed such as the Dodd-Frank reform act, which was intended to reform the weaknesses of the financial system but instead gave unchecked power to administrative bodies, like the US Treasury.

Since 2011, there have been other violations that could potentially be levied against this president.  Due to the recent government shutdown, President Obama’s administration is preventing access to some private homeowners on federal property while not impacting all those similarly situated, such as Native Americans, who remain on federal property unaffected.

Barack+ObamaHe has also ordered private businesses closed on federal property thereby depriving private citizens from earning a living.  Both of these incidents could qualify as violations of the 5th and 14th (as it pertains to the states) Amendments and the Equal Protection Clause.

Further, President Obama has ordered the closing of memorials that don’t receive federal funding, prevented the viewing of Mount Rushmore by erecting cones on the side of the road,  and has prevented the military from participating in their religious freedoms in violation of the 1st Amendment,  thereby prohibiting them from receiving mass from Catholic Priests who do not receive funds from the federal government.

fdr83Is Obama the only president who has ever been accused of violating the US Constitution?  The answer is sadly, no.  According to an article by Judge Andrew Napolitano, written in 2008, just about all presidents ignore the constitution.  Judge Napolitano gives us a glimpse into another big-government president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who wielded unyielding power in enacting a program so rigid that a homeowner could be told how much wheat he could grow on his own land for his family.  Like President Obama, who seemingly ignores the Constitution, President Roosevelt proclaimed that the Constitution was “quaint” and written in the “horse and buggy era.”

Only time will tell if this President’s violations against the American people will remain unchallenged as President Roosevelt’s did for the four terms that he held.  If left unchallenged, one can only thank the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution for setting a term limit for the office of President of the United States.


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