Fort Hood Massacre Downgraded to ‘Workplace Violence’ as Islamist & Radical Black on White Terrorism is Enabled

Reported in AOL News
by Sharon Wienberger (emphasis, Gulag Bound)

(Aug. 20) — More than nine months after the Fort Hood, Texas, massacre, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered a series of changes meant to prevent such incidents.

In a 26-page memo released today and signed Aug. 18, Gates ordered a series of procedural and policy changes that focus on identifying, responding to and preventing potential workplace violence.

On Nov. 5, 2009, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an American-born Muslim of Palestinian descent, allegedly shot and killed 13 people and wounded dozens more at the Texas base. Hasan, a psychiatrist, had been scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Nine months after the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas, in which Nidal Malik Hasan, above, has been charged, the Defense Department has released a report saying the military needs to be more aware of signs of potential workplace violence.

The shooting rampage prompted a call for reviews and investigations, and sparked a dispute between the Pentagon and Congress over the release of information related to the massacre.

The changes include plans to educate military commanders on signs of potential workplace violence, increase commanders’ access to personnel records and improve emergency notifications and the 911 system.

As I began researching this story to determine whether the “workplace violence” designation was valid or merely a whitewashing of  terrorist activity within the US, I was suddenly face to face with some of the darkest evil I have faced in my life:

On a blog platform that advocates software piracy and Internet anarchy, either based in, or connected to Swedish entities (hm, and to Julian Assange, perhaps?) I found the “Blackfoot Soldiers,” which seems to be a radical terrorist branch of the Black Muslims.

You remember the New Black Panther Party that was coddled and given carte blanche to intimidate voters and wreak havoc with election outcomes, by the DOJ?  Are we to believe that this is another attempt to whitewash, to enable, and to empower violent radicals,  minimizing the news of their evils — and allow them freedom to accomplish as much destruction as possible?

Note this, from Wikipedia’s present entry on “Black Supremacy”:

The belief in sacrificial killing and ritualistic murder was part of the early Nation of Islam doctrine. Fard thought explicitly that it was the duty for every Muslim to offer as sacrifice four “Caucasian devils.”

These things are out there: A wall of honor for domestic terrorists.  Read it and weep if you need, but understand this exists, America.

The following is but one of the Blackfoot Soldiers’ celebrated murders:

Four Lakewood, Washington, police officers were shot in killed in what police are calling a targeted ambush shooting. The coffee shop, which is a well-known gathering place for the Lakewood police officers, was moderately full when a gunman came in and directed the shots at the four people in uniforms.

Lakewood, Washington – an ambush in a coffee shop near Lakewood, Washington has left four police officers dead.

Lakewood, a small suburb in Pierce County, is about 40 miles outside of Seattle and houses the McChord Air Force and Fort Lewis Army Bases.

The scene of the bloody ambush was the Forza Coffee Company which borders the Air Force Base. Base Spokesman Bud McKay said the base was not shut down, but security was ramped up around the perimeter as a precaution and the military has offered assistance to police, he said, but it has not been requested.

An article by Annie Hamilton, San Jose Republican Examiner reported that Maurice Clemmons, who killed the four police officers, had undergone a jail-house conversion to the Nation of Islam (a.k.a., the “Black Muslims,” led by Louis Farrakhan).

Did he also begin an affiliation with any local Blackfoot Soldiers?  Do just a couple renegade “Blackfoot Soldiers” merely promote the murder of whites and police by Black Muslims, or are there many more and do they instigate it?

More from the Hamilton article:

RULES FOR BLACKFOOT SOLDIERS proclaimed the following rules for fellow Black Muslims:

1. Never stop for white cops. They are terrorists.

2. Under terrorism laws, you have to defend yourself.

3. Never reveal your identity to white cops. They are terrorists.

Clemmons, the Last Crusade had recently learned from an Arkansas law enforcement official, became a member of the Nation of Islam while serving time in the Cummins Prison.

Based upon the evidence available, it would appear that Clemmons followed his chosen ideology letter and verse.

Here are a couple other Blackfoot Soldiers’ success stories:

Nevada: Quadrae Scott and Emmitt Ferguson

North Las Vegas Police arrested two more teenagers Sunday in the death of a Metro Police officer killed last week at his North Las Vegas home.

Quadrae Scott and Emmitt Ferguson, both 18, of North Las Vegas, were booked into the North Las Vegas Detention Center at about 8:15 p.m. Sunday.

Nettleton was off duty in his open garage when he was approached and killed.  The report tells us, “Officer Nettleton is survived by his wife, a 2-year-old boy and 2-month-old girl.”

Texas: Hassan Shakur, a.k.a., Derrick Frazier

Jermaine Herron, 27, was executed by lethal injection on 17 May 2006 in Huntsville, Texas for murder of a woman and her son during a burglary of their home.

On 25 June 1997, Herron, then 18, and Derrick Frazier, 20, visited a ranch owned by Ron Lucich, ten miles north of Refugio. Herron and his father had lived on the ranch many years earlier, when Herron’s father was Lucich’s foreman. Mr. and Mrs. Lucich were away, but their three children were home. Herron introduced Derrick Frazier as his cousin, Kevin, and stated that they came to see whether the Lucichs had any work for them. They decided to “hang out” until the Lucichs came home. Mrs. Lucich then came home and became concerned about the two men loitering in her home. She called her husband, who told her to “get them out of there.” Mrs. Lucich took the men and her children out for lunch, then dropped the men off at the house of one of Herron’s friends. Later that day, Ron Lucich called Herron and told him to never come back to his ranch.

That afternoon, Herron and Frazier made plans to burglarize the ranch. They had observed several guns in the home, and they learned that the Lucichs were planning to be out of town the following day. They drove with another man, Michael Brown, to a roadside park from which the ranch could be viewed, and discussed their plan further. A second trailer home, occupied by Betsy Nutt and her 15-year-old son, Cody, was also on the property. At one point, Herron pointed to Mrs. Nutt’s truck and said, “That’s my truck.” …

A few hours later, in the early morning hours of 26 June, the thee men drove back to the ranch. This time, Brown dropped Herron and Frazier off. They hid and waited for the Lucichs to leave. At about 7:30 a.m., the Lucichs left. Herron and Frazier then entered their trailer and gathered up some guns and other items. They then called Brown and told him to come pick them up. They were still waiting at 2:00 p.m., when Betsy and Cody Nutt came home. They approached Mrs. Nutt, told her that their car had broken down, and asked to use her phone. Once inside Nutt’s trailer, they forced the Nutts to their knees, then shot each of them twice in the head with a 9mm pistol. They then drove away in Nutt’s truck.

Philadelphia: Mumia Abu Jamal

  • Convicted of the 1981 murder of Philadelphia policeman Daniel Faulkner
  • Former member of the Black Panthers
  • Leftist icon and frequent guest speaker at college commencement ceremonies

Born Wesley Cook in 1954, the man currently known as Mumia Abu Jamal was a member of the Philadelphia branch of the Black Panthers; he served as that group’s Information Minister when he was just 15 years old. Well known for referring to police officers as “pigs,” a young Abu Jamal was a supporter of MOVE, a Philadelphia-based Black Power cult known for its demonstrations against local residents and its incitements against police officers and the city government. An outspoken, controversial figure, he was a frequent guest on television and radio programs. For awhile, he even hosted his own show on Philadelphia’s National Public Radio affiliate WUHY-FM — though he was eventually fired from that job because of his radicalism….

An icon of the academic left, Abu Jamal has been a guest speaker at several college commencement ceremonies — in each instance delivering his addresses from the confines of his prison cell. In 1999, for instance, Abu Jamal spoke to the graduating class of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Likening himself to persecuted social-justice leaders of the past, he explained that he was a revolutionary seeking to raise public consciousness about America’s alleged repression of blacks and other minorities. “Revolution,” he said, “according to the Declaration of Independence, is a right” of all oppressed people. Among the other schools whose graduates Abu Jamal has addressed are Antioch College, UC Santa Cruz, Occidental College, and Kent State University.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. In all of the Blackfoot Soldiers literature they say they are targeting “terrorists.”  They name names, give out addresses and list “crimes” committed.

Remember, there was a document sent out by Homeland Security last year which defined domestic “terrorists” as pro-life Christians, returning veterans, and Tea Party patriots (especially white ones).

Are you a “terrorist” worthy of mention?

Janet Smiles, a contributor to Gulag Bound, is an advocate of Internet and person-to-person activism, to overcome the false taboos of “avoiding faith and politics” with well-behaved and vital communication, for the sake of love for our neighbors.

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