Untited States’ Sabotage at Highest Level(s) of Government; Got 10 Minutes?



Gadi Adelman is an internationally recognized anti-terrorism expert who was born in the USA and grew up in Israel.

In 1981, Gadi returned to the US and began warning law enforcement and government agencies about the “jihad” coming to US shores. They actually laughed at him. Today… with the exception of Obama and his minions… no one is laughing anymore.


The Washington Terrorist Love Affair,” via Wild Bill for America

Gadi Adelman exposes terrorist infiltration at the highest levels of our government… with our government’s blessing!

Yes and not just with our government’s blessing, but in league with them, Wild Bill, including but not limited to Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and the jihadi Muslim sub-complex, in the complex of the whole.

We are suffering a terrorist, globalist regime, including nearly all the Democrats at the top and many of the Republicans, by nature, by intent, and by their deeds. After listening to this video and reading a few of our articles, is that still so difficult to swallow? – AW

Gulag Update — from Wild Bill himself, at this event:

Hat Tip: BB

North Carolina Tea Party Rally


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  2. Thank you ERW. News to spread…


  4. The egyptians are kicking out the muslim brotherhood, America and Europe need to do that Now! The muslim brotherhood are world wide, a big base in ireland apparently and the uk.


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