Senator Ted Cruz: a Man for the People and a Country in Extreme Jeopardy

Ted Cruz, “Congress Works for the People: #MakeDCListen

ted-cruzThe fear and hatred of Ted Cruz now exploding from the Left for this singularly brilliant and courageous man in the US Congress is matched and exceeded only by the patent disdain and loathing from the fearful, dull and testicularly-challenged Republican “leadership.”  The good senator is now being vilified both in Congress and by those who hold “commentator” positions in the always-left-wherever-one-looks inaptly-named “mainstream” media.  Note:  Hmmm.  As I recall, the same thing happened to Ronald Reagan.

During his 21 hour and 18 minute dissertation to the American people and his own colleagues, Cruz ably defended his position against (despite the illegal and unconstitutional shenanigans of the now-disgraced SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts’ rewrite of the ObamaCare bill so that he could support it) ObamaCare’s removal of natural rights by quoting from the United States Constitution, the writings of the original intent of liberties (both economic and social) and empowerment for the people of this land by our ancestral founding fathers and mothers and even read from an outstanding essay “The Americans Who Risked Everything” written by the father of Rush Limbaugh.

Cruz brought this information to the forefront.  This is information on our US history that US Government schools no longer teach and, in fact, actively suppress from being taught to school children.  Said teaching of actual factual and truthful events was replaced decades ago by a Marxist/anti-American/anti-liberty indoctrination system that now even includes the insidious anti-educative programs referred to as “Common Core.”

Ted Cruz was joined by a few of his colleagues who assisted him by asking pertinent questions on the Senate floor.  These few included Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY),  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).  Cruz was, later, joined by Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) and, briefly, by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

Sen. Mike Lee, “Make DC Listen: Obamacare and America’s Constitutional Crisis

As of this morning, Sen. Cruz is still being belittled, denigrated and disparaged by the now fully-out-of-the-closet ObamaGov US Communist press, Democrats and RINOs in Congress.  Democrats and Communists hate this man.  That’s understood.  Neither of those groups support either the truth or those who tell it.  RINOs, however, despise Senator Cruz because, by telling said truth, he brings their own short-comings–if not abject corruption–into the light of day…so all can see.

rinosThose of the Sen. John McCain ilk came out of that faux conservative and anti-US Republic long ago.  However, for those who followed and supported the ever-bombastic, pro-Islam and, apparently, pro-ObamaCare Rep. Peter King (R-NY) it has come as a bit of a shock.  But, then, King has hinted he may run for POTUS in 2016.  An honorable and extraordinary man like Sen. Ted Cruz must scare him almost to distraction.  But, then Sen. Cruz is scaring a lot of the political “elite” ruling class these days…by speaking the truth and making certain the American people understand it.

Sen. Cruz tells the truth that both political parties in this country have failed the people.  In order to gain more and more power, members of both parties have all but eliminated We-the-People from our own government.  And, by leaving the running of government solely to others, We-the-People have abrogated our own checks and balances responsibilities and allowed it to happen.

Via our lack of attention, we have allowed our elected officials to reach the point where they are now ruling over us…not governing.  US laws are being broken daily, now, by all 3 branches of the federal government and the US Constitution was thrown out by them years ago.  They now rule only to gain more power and wealth; both of which they have now openly and unceremoniously stolen from us.  We will never get it back unless we fight for it.   Each day that we fail to act and, also, kick the can down the road our rulers gain more illegal authority over us.  This is how dictatorships, oligarchies and police-slave states are created.  We are now well into the implementation phase of all.  If we are no longer willing to stand up and support men and women with the tenacity, integrity, honor, intelligence and passion for our Constitution as does Senator Ted Cruz, then perhaps we don’t deserve to survive as a country after all.

“When you tell them all this, they will not listen to you; when you call to them, they will not answer. Therefore say to them, ‘This is the nation that has not obeyed the LORD its God or responded to correction. Truth has perished; it has vanished from their lips‘.”
–Jeremiah 7: 27-28

The Americans Who Risked Everything:

Common Core Is Meant To Destroy and Replace Public School Education:


  1. Dianne in the desert says

    Dear Senator Cruz, I have to wonder how you are dealing with all of the negativity being sent in your direction since your fillibuster. I do believe that the ObamaCare fiasco will not only bankrupt America in the long run; I believe that it will quickly bankrupt Americans in the short run. The only good thing about my situation and my husband’s is that we are already on Medicare and our secondary coverage is under TriCare for Life (military retiree coverage). Our Medicare premiums will be going up. We know that. What is upsetting to many of us seniors is that all of the co-pays on prescriptions have already gone up and will increase annually until we can no longer afford them. That is when the “death committees” written into the ACA will being having a “field day” refusing necessary care and medications.

    For now, I hope that you and those who share your views in either the Senate or the House will stick with the stance that you have taken. No one really expected the shutdown to last this long, but having it last this long is forcing more Americans to open their eyes to what is really going on and many are rethinking their original stance on the ACA and President Obama’s leadership, along with the leadership in the Democratic party. There is no real leadership there. Senator Reid is a draconian old man who has long been out of line in the way that he treats people. He really does think that he knows what he is doing. He doesn’t, but this shutdown, in spite of what he is saying, has begun to make him look even dumber than most people already throught he was.

    Keep doing what you are doing because it is the right thing for the American people — even those who have not opened their eyes to the truth.

    Seriously, the House needs to consider impeachment for President Obama. Nothing he has done at any level or in any location has really been in anyone’s best interests other than those who stood to make a profit from it. That just isn’t right. Follow the money!


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