Beware a New ‘Third Way’ via Corrupt Democrats, Aided by Robert Reich’s ‘Inequality for All’

inequality-for-allThey will be trying to pull a Clinton again, with Robert Reich’s help, it seems.

From the looks of his Inequality for All campaign, Reich is working on the new attempt to preserve collectivist control of America, via the hopelessly despotic Democratic Party and its central bank complex’s puppet strings, despite the devastation of its more obviously neo-Marxist Obamunists.

In so doing, they will be trying to bring along an imposed phony-right side of the Overton Window, to join the extreme and inevitably destructive leftward moves of the avant-garde Obama regime, to generate a new “synthesis” in the Marxian dialectic.

If it succeeds, it will be classic Fabianism continuing to work its evils, the biggest pigs in the global Animal Farm gaining more and more power as those more equal than us others. (We become the ones kept under more and more control by our “brothers’ keepers,” with Keynes-perverse financing, but Cain’s terminology, as not infrequently quoted by Obama and the collectivists). And once that synthesis would set in, it would be time to move the window again. The causes of “fairness” and “social justice,” and whatever other code-language makes Marxim-manipulated puppies salivate, must go on!

If we who stand for authentic American principles (of Natural Rights, Natural Law, and self-governance as popular sovereigns under God, with state and national sovereignty to guard it all) would succeed in gaining control of the Republican Party, or by creating a new one which overcomes it, then watch for the central bank complex’s RINOS to unite with such efforts, puppets with puppets.

Below is a promo video for, Inequality for All and Reich recently interviewed by propagandist, Bill Moyers here: “Robert Reich’s Plan for Fixing America’s Economy.”

INEQUALITY FOR ALL – Official Trailer


This is not a recommendation by yours truly, for ungoverned society. On the contrary, I stand for corporations being delicately but firmly regulated as is necessary to prevent them from practicing the same Rockefeller-like despotism that twisted governments practice, including controlling markets and exploiting people and our overall environment, unjustly. They usually do that by achieving advantageous loans with strings attached and by corruptive relationships with government. All this triply so, for tyrannical transnational corporations.

As the Federalist Papers (and Anti-Federalist Papers) and our founders and their philosophers (including Algernon Sidney, John Locke, and Adam Smith) taught, there are proper and necessary ways for government to serve the sovereign people of its nation, as well as the all too common ways for government and fascistic businesses both, to usurp our natural power and authority.  See Sarah Palin’s regulatory history in Alaska, for a showcase of how virtuous, un-captured regulation is truly done: The Undefeated.

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