Marxofascist ‘Stimulus’ Costs Far Outpace Iraq War Spending

Opinion from the Washington Examiner:

by Mark Tapscott

Expect to hear a lot about how much the Iraq war cost in the days ahead from Democrats worried about voter wrath against their unprecedented spending excesses.

The meme is simple: The economy is in a shambles because of Bush’s economic policies and his war in Iraq. As American Thinker’s Randall Hoven points out, that’s the message being peddled by lefties as diverse as former Clinton political strategist James Carville, economist Joseph Stiglitz, and The Nation’s Washington editor, Christopher Hayes.

The key point in the mantra is an alleged $3 trillion cost for the war. Well, it was expensive to be sure, in both blood and treasure, but, as Hoven notes, the CBO puts the total cost at $709 billion. To put that figure in the proper context of overall spending since the war began in 2003, Hoven provides this handy CBO chart showing the portion of the annual deficit attributable to the conflict  [continues]

The only remedy for deception is the truth.  The CBO is a nonpartisan board of experts. America won in Iraq, but we are losing on the home-front, to forces determined to destroy free and sovereign America, by whatever means are deemed conducive to an ongoing Marxist revolution.

Facts don’t lie, politicians do.

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