Molli Nickell: Queen of Fractured [Political] Fables

I became aware of this perfectly delightful woman from a reader and long-time member of one of my email lists. After visiting one of her sites I discovered why he was so enthusiastic. For 35 years, Molli Nickell (aka “Granny Guerilla”) was in the publishing field with Time-Life books as an editor, researcher and publisher. She was, also, a writing teacher at UCLA and now runs her own publishing assistance site “How to Get Published in the Digital Age.”

Nickell-MolliIf you’re unfamiliar with the book publishing industry, most within its environs–I suspect in the high 90% range–are on the Left both politically and socially. However, Molli is not. In fact, she is decidedly conservative and rather “far right” at that. Molli actually believes our Founders were correct and able in their penning of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. How refreshing is that?

She also presents her messages in the form of delightful and funny “Politically Incorrect Fables” meant for adults and has published multiple books that are available at and from other booksellers. It was my distinct pleasure to interview this thoroughly charming and bright lady and to present it to you today.

The Interview

Sher: Molli, thanks so much for speaking with me today. I have two questions that I need to ask, immediately. What drew you to and how did you manage to get into the publishing field, in the first place?

Molli: My life plan never included the possibility of a career in the publishing business, much less as a once-upon-a-time-fable-telling political commentator. However, throughout my life I’ve been guided toward activities that enriched my mind and spirit and provided me with opportunities to serve others by sharing information. Publishing continues to be the most satisfying and challenging, but second in importance to being wife and mom.

When our children were small, I loved being at home with them, and appreciated having that time to develop my creative self through crafts, quilting, painting, upholstering furniture, etc. I volunteered as a room mother, PTA president, and precinct worker during local, state, and national elections.

When our house was about to burst at the seams because of the overabundance of handcrafted projects, it became clear that I needed to expand my creative outlets. My perceptive husband realized that a background of diapers, dishes, and dusting hadn’t prepared me to step out into the business world, and gifted me with the Dale Carnegie Sales and Marketing Course.

This training enabled me to pursue becoming a “how-to” writer for various women’s magazines which led the development of craft lectures and workshops. An opportunity to join the Time-Life organization and their “The Creative Family Workshop,” book series brought me into the publishing business where I developed editing and research skills.

When the spiritual awareness (New Age) movement exploded into our national consciousness in the 1980s, my husband and I joined in. We read everything we could find and attended seminars as we learned to embrace our spiritual nature and expand our consciousness. Most importantly, we began to integrate “spiritual psychology” into every aspect of our lives. This powerful philosophy taught us to live with allowance, respectful communication, and responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

While there were many books written by spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dwyer, and Marianne Williamson, at that time there was no periodical that focused on the practical application of spiritual psychology into daily living. So, we tapped into our savings, and with a group of volunteers, launched a bi-monthly publication called “Spirit Speaks.” The magazine shared spiritual psychology guidance on issues like money, health, children, work, relationships, etc. As our readership expanded, so did my acceptance in the publishing world. Success speaks for itself. Following my pattern of learn, then teach, I began to present lectures and workshops at Whole Life Expos and consciousness raising events across the country.

After twelve years of publishing the magazine, although readership had increased at a steady pace, subscription fees could not keep up with skyrocketing costs of paper, ink, and postage. Like many magazine publishers in the mid 90s, we decided to close our doors.

I remained in the writing world, although in a slightly different capacity, helping writers become published authors. I began to teach at UCLA and various writers’ conferences and ventured onto the fledgling internet to launch a teaching web site, “Get Published Now,” to offer assistance to writers living outside of Southern California. When grandchildren began to appear in our lives, I wanted to learn how to write for them and enrolled in the “Writing for Children” program at UCLA.

Learning how to organize and run an internet business prepared me for the next and unexpected step in my publishing journey. When the Un-affordable Health Care Act became law in 2010, I became aware that millions of Americans (including myself) had been asleep at the switch. We hadn’t paid attention, over the years, as our government expanded into an out-of-control bureaucratic monster now poised to devour individual freedoms. I questioned, where, in the Constitution, had our founding fathers given government the power to force citizens to buy government-created anything? What would be next? Mandates for We-the-People to buy tin-can electric cars? A one-size-fits all “dis-education” program that would dumb down our kids? (Whoops! That’s been launched. It’s called Common Core, coming soon to destroy a school district near you! But, that’s a topic for another time).

I couldn’t imagine the transformed America that might exist by the time my grandchildren became adults. Would they have any freedom of choice or would government bureaucrats control every aspect of their lives?

That’s when my lifetime pattern of learning, then teaching, kicked into high gear. My husband and I dug into research to discover the true meaning behind “fundamental transformation,” so often spoken of by the Washington political elites and their media lapdogs. We came to understand that those words represented the end goal of a powerful and destructive political machine, intent on bulldozing The Constitution, Bill of Rights and our country’s financial and moral foundations.

I wondered, what could I, as one person, do to help stop the destruction of my country? Eventually, I realized I could contribute to the restoration of America by helping others become aware of the disaster heading toward them, their families, and their way of life. I could use the skills developed over my lifetime to awaken others and encourage them to wake up, stand up, and push back. So, I shifted back into the publishing biz, in a slightly different capacity, and launched a granny guerrilla blog where I post my weekly Politically Incorrect Fables.

Sher: The publishing field is filled with those on the Left. How in the world did a self-avowed true “Conservative to a fault” manage to survive and actually thrive in this industry?

Molli: When I became involved with the Time-Life folks, I lived in Southern California and wasn’t exposed to the political ideologies of my East-coast colleagues. Then later, when I worked in the spiritual publishing biz, political concepts simply didn’t matter since the quest for personal enlightenment transcends left or right. Progressive or conservative philosophies were (and still are) seen as nothing more than different choices, some based on knowledge, others based on ignorance, but choices nevertheless.

(However, I occasionally fall off the “respectful communication” wagon and engage in a “cut ‘um off at the knees” argument with Kool-aid drinking progressives. Keeps my debate skills up to snuff. Most of the time, I don’t waste energy responding to the talking points spouted by committed lefties. I’d rather spend my energy where it can do the most good for America’s future.

The people I chose to communicate with today are patriots and also the less-aware Americans who love their families and their country. Millions of these folks realize something is terribly wrong in America, but aren’t exactly sure what this is, or how they can affect change.

politically-incorrect-fablesSher: Your fables are charming but, have a strong and truthful “bite” to them. Is this the old adage about catching more flies with sugar instead of vinegar?

Molli: I come from the Mary Poppins’ School of Political Persuasion. “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, in the most delightful way.” The truth of what’s happening to America is terrifying to many people who have not devoted much (or any) time to focus on the national political scene. They shut down emotionally and intellectually when a political conversation begins, fearful that frightening or unpleasant information is coming their way. Or, they’re concerned about having to defend political opinions (which may not be correct) based solely on what they’ve heard or read from lame-stream media.

This is why I entertain first and enlighten second. It doesn’t matter if I’m addressing an audience of craft junkies, unpublished writers, or political folks . . . humor helps them relax and pay attention to the message.

Sher: Please tell us about your new book that’s coming out and your “Once Upon a Time” format.

Molli: In the process of developing techniques to engage patriots and educate the less-aware folks, I adapted the story-telling techniques I’d learned at UCLA and began to write Politically Incorrect Fables. Everybody loves stories. Especially children. This is why I use a phrase that millions of adults have heard and trust from their earliest years. “Once upon a time” awakens the inner child. “Clap, clap, clap” go those tiny inner hands in anticipation of being told a story. Fear and trepidation vanish.

My new book shares information, in the form of humorous fables, that is both true and vital to understand as a first step in saving America. “Uncle SCAM Wants Your Money and Your Country,” tells stories about how progressives, liberals, and secular socialists in positions of power diminish America’s greatness and gain control over her people. For decades they’ve advanced their plan unopposed until, along came the Tea Party and other patriot groups who have awakened the sleeping giant.

What we’re up against is our formerly beloved Uncle Sam who has been replaced by his evil twin, Uncle SCAM, and a corrupt political machine intent on destroying our freedom of choice. This statement is sure to raise prickles of fear among some readers. My fables, while they don’t deviate from this basic truth, discuss various aspects of it in a non-threatening manner (most of the time). The stories entertain, then enlighten, and motivate the reader to turn the pages and keep reading (and absorbing information), fable after fable.

Sher: I’d be very remiss if I didn’t ask you a few questions about the current political landscape–both in the USA and the world–as it appears everything our founding fathers and mothers built for us has almost been dismantled and is in the process of being destroyed by the Obama syndicate. As have I, you’ve been on the planet for more than a few years. How do you view what’s happening to our liberties, rights as humans and our ability to survive the Obama & Co onslaught against we the American people?

On-Off SwitchMolli: I’ve observed that people rarely change until there is no place else to go, when remaining in the status quo is more painful than creating something new. I believe we will fully awaken and push back, as a country, when we’re finally wedged between “a rock and a hard place.” We’re almost there. Because several million low-information voters made foolish choices in 2012, America is heading for three more years of corruption, intimidation, czar-created rules, regulations and taxes, outright lying from our elected officials, un-constitutional executive orders, NSA spying, military depletion, family degradation, and continual destruction of the Judeo/Christian principals that created the foundation upon which freedom has flourished in America.

Is Obama a curse from God, an agent of the devil? No. He and the radical, socialist minions who occupy our White House and Congress are “representatives” of We-the-People. We elected them to represent us. Which they do. Their corruption, greed, and moral dishonesty represents/mirrors all of us. Their reflections help us look at who and what we have become.

So, how do we recover from the blight called Obama? By looking within. By making the choice to live with integrity. By making the choice to be aware of how our thoughts and actions impact our families, our faith, and our country. And then, every single one of us need to get busy. Become informed. Communicate with your elected representatives. Link hearts and hands with patriot groups which, like yourself, love America.

Understand that the power of love, of family, of country, and of liberty are stronger than anything that can be thrown at us from Washington. Darkness cannot survive in light. As more Americans embrace enlightenment and remembrance of the values that formed this great nation, the more quickly darkness will slither back to the slime and sewers of Chicago. (Whoops! Little bit of backsliding there) .

Will America survive intact? I believe so, but the jury is still out. Although We-the-Patriots are in the minority at the moment, we’re gathering steam. This is why I encourage Americans to get off the fence, become knowledgeable about what’s happening to our country, then stand up, push back and encourage others to do the same. Speaking out is the most powerful step. I urge patriots to use my fables to start conversations with the low-information voters within their circles of influence.

Sher: Where can people buy your books and when is the new one scheduled for release?

Molli: My new book is available (along with weekly fables and daily rants) now at where I host an Amazon e-commerce store, and also directly from

Sher: Thanks so much for your time, Molli. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Molli: Thank you so much, Sher, for the opportunity to share my thoughts and the words of patriot Samuel Adams: “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority determined to set brush fires in the minds of others.”

And to the person who is reading these words:

May you be irate.
May you be tireless.
May you start conversations to fire up awareness in others.
May you begin NOW!
God Bless America.


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