Syria: Russia has Say, China on the Way; Video Breakdown by Christopher Greene

Map from the extensive, updated listing at Wikipedia

Map from the extensive, updated Syria listing at Wikipedia

Important information well presented by Christopher Greene, below.  I’m still interested in the true lowdown on who did what about that chemical weapons attack, and now to see Russia’s published findings.

Also see Maggie’s Notebook’s, “Russia to Put Up Missile Shield for Syria – Maybe: Putin Says Kerry is a Liar” and the rest in The Globe & Malevolence.


Thank you, as Dawn sees it.


  1. Will the President be willing to “go it alone” in Syria? Arab nations not specified, have told Sec. of State Kerry that they will pay/finance the strike on Syria if America does the dirty work. Will the President make America as being a country of Mercenaries for War and money? We can only hope…..NOT!

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