My First Drone…

Texas police unveil remote control assault helicopter drone to fight crime

Many of you know that we just moved 1800 miles to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s been one wild ride over the last two months, but we are finally settling in.

It’s sooo green here! Not what I expected at all. Very hot and very high humidity. Spiders big enough to put a saddle on and rope cattle. Don’t ask. The people are wonderful here — among the nicest and friendliest I have ever met and I’ve lived in a lot of places. In the middle of the Bible Belt, I feel right at home. Oklahoma is said to be the most conservative state in the Union. I love it.

But, if I held any beliefs that the surveillance state had not encroached on the Okies, I found out differently Monday night. I don’t know if it was personal or if anyone even knows I’m here or cares, but I had my first drone experience.

We had just turned in for the night. It was about 9:30 PM. Our bedroom’s window is at the front of the house. Reason 1,387 that I will lease a different home in a year. Suddenly, we heard a motor that sounded liked a radio controlled plane and strobe lights lit up our window. It only lasted a few minutes. We believe it was a UAV Police Helicopter with strobe lights. It looked us over for a brief period, then rose and left like nothing happened. We were just relieved we were not SWATted.

We did however bring our guns into the bedroom, where they stay with ammo. I did not sleep well for the remainder of the evening and hubby was up all night checking the perimeter. The whole thing creeped me out and hubby is less than thrilled. The experience brought our lives and what we do into sharper focus. Way to greet a well known blogger Oklahoma! Won’t slow me down a bit — my family is from Oklahoma and we are Oklahoma strong. A fruit basket would have been nicer. Just sayin’.


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