How & Why US Incomes Have Dropped Since ‘Great Recession’s End’


Cover of a 2009 book by a soft socialist sociologist at Yale

These excerpts are from Mail Online, a British news site similar to the Guardian, which is handling the brunt of the Ed Snowden reporting from outside of the United States’ controlled media.

The average American household is now earning LESS income than it did at the end of the Great Recession

  • Race, age, and geographic location all factor into how badly households have been hit by post-recession money woes
  • Only householders aged 65-74 saw an increase in average income

That is the heading of their story.

Barack Obama came to office riding the neo-Marxist class war’s rhetorical vehicle of “the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.” And as Marxists and other statists do, he has made that disparity more and more severe, by taking more and more freedom from our society and economy. Think of it as a freedom of movement problem; the same kind a lamb has, when coiled by a python.

I suggest the article at its source but will show their summary, here:


The Great Recession hit most American households where it hurts: in their pockets. Some, however, were affected more than others. Though median income has risen since plummeting after 2008 and hitting a low in summer 2011, average American household income is still 6% below pre-recession levels. And for most American households, income is down from levels seen at the end of the Great Recession.


Factored out: Younger households, minority households, and households in the South and West have seen sharper declines in income since the end of the recession four years ago

  • Americans household headed by those aged 55-64: Income down 7 percent
  • Householders under 25 years old: Income down 9.6 percent
  • Householders 65-74 were saw the only increase: Income up 5.1 percent


  • Median income for white households down 3.6 percent
  • Black household income dropped 10.9 percent
  • Hispanic housholders saw a 4.5 percent drop


  • Southern households saw an average income decline of 6.2 percent
  • Northeastern household income dropped 3.9 percent
  • Households living in the West saw a 5.4 percent decline
  • Midwest average household income was up a statistically insignificant 0.8 percent

What this piece fails to relate quite so well is that, again typical under statist regimes, our middle class and small business have suffered some of the greatest losses. From the earlier Rothschilds, through Rockefeller, through George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates, Marxofascists don’t really hate the biggest of big businesses. The bigger and more controlling they are, the more they are like them, and the more they can control through them. That is the crony-capitalist/communist alliance presented very clearly to whistleblower, Norman Dodd, many decades ago, and while they all love their own revenue streams, it is the competition they hate.

The destruction of small business and with it, the chance to rise into a healthy mid-level income are exactly the means of creating a hungry and bitter proletariat, for a puppet army. That is what a Marxist seeks to do, preferably a grieved class which may be identified by race, or any other means of creating a self-identifying group of “disruptive,” revolutionary warriors. And the more of these hungry to ravenous identity groups, the better.

“Altruistic” followers of the Marxist, Gramscian means of gaining and holding power are actually the most cynically and satanically exploitative people on the face of the earth. They create the problem, create the victims of it, then blame and set as the enemy, the very freedoms they have already begun to destroy, in order to spread a mass poverty and hatred bred like an extremely virulent form of rabies. And after they have achieved power by these evils, things get even worse, and even worse than that.

Perhaps that is why we have so many zombie and vampire stories in our culture now. Perhaps God is trying to tell us something.

T-Dog meets his demise, in The Walking Dead

T-Dog meets his demise, in The Walking Dead, image work by Jennifer Thomson,

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