GOP to Survive? Morton Blackwell on the Status of RNC Power Grab Fascism


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This archive is from last night’s net-radio program, Bard’s Logic, hosted by Robert Jetter.

Morton Blackwell, of Leadership Institute and the head of the Virginia Delegation to the 2012 Republican National Convention, explains what happened with the big, top-down power grab by Reince Priebus (wow, I spelled that right; time to replace him) Mitt Romney, and their powers that be. Mr. Blackwell’s portion is maybe the first 70 minutes.

I promised I’d post this in the morning and it still is, here.

Tell you what, I’m going to go listen to a presentation on the smart grid (cunning, indeed) by the IEEE, but I’ll repost the program with a write-up and if I get to slice the time for it, maybe an whole big article. Until then, or until he becomes a listener, I’ll leave the reader in suspense.


PS: I suggest the second segment, too and will mention why in a bit, as well.

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