GOATS SPEAK OUT on #Benghazi and #NSA #Surveillance

Dogs and cats living together, goats joining heroes…


I know, it’s a lamb

…there’s no wool over these kids’ eyes:

#Obama,Tyranny Is Lurking, #NSA, Screaming Goat

And upon the vote of confidence in our government’s surveillance state strategy, as well as its State Department chicanery, in the opinion of the chair, the goats’ nays have it over the ewes ayes.

"...what difference at this point does it make..."

“…what difference at this point does it make…”

The next matter before our still sheepish Sovereign Citizenry is debate upon the question: Do we need massive congressional investigation of all of the above, plus the national and global collusion behind it?

And that begs the question: What do we need to do, to get a Congress worthy of doing just that, instead of being complicit, themselves?


(And, after all too much aggravation over the evil of conspirators, met with their being buttressed by the complacency of dupes concerning such matters, if the Gulag’s visitor needs actual comic relief, we offer a previous selection from our cloven-hooved hecklers.):

GOATYE- Somebody That I Used To Know (Goat Remix)

Looking forward to the day that Washington’s, Lower Manhattan’s, and the global entirety of the New World Order’s complexes are all some bodies that we recognize as what they are, have dealt with in all true judgment and justice, and used to know.


For more, from July 3:  “Snowden vs. National Security? It’s the Domestic Totalitarian Technocracy, Stupid!

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