Peter Schiff: We Remain Propagandized in Recession; Worse Bubble than 2008 to Collapse (video)

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff


News is leaking from numerous quarters, of our long extended crypto-recession and the orchestrated decline in (i.e., robbery of) the wealth of our incomes and holdings, across the spectrum.

It is due in part but not nearly in whole to the intentionally managed decline of the Dollar, as George Soros has euphemistically  labeled and rationalized it for the masses.

This, while Barack Obama’s and the bank cartels’ wealthiest cronies in America and around the world, plus a variety of Wall Street traders get wealthier.

We will offer all the words in this five-minute lesson-as-interview.  


SchiffReport’s 8/5 YouTube of 8/1 Canadian Television interview,
What’s the pin that will prick this new bubble?

But if you wish to transcribe any of its end-to-end essentials, be invited to post them in comments.

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