RightKlik Suggests Ten Congressional Candidates for You to Support

Brother, can you spare a ten, by Friday?

Here is their list.  Read “Ten Buck Fridays: August 22-27,” and see RightKlik’s “promotional video,” for more about why every little bit is important.

Dan Benishek (MI-01)
Sean Duffy (WI-07)
Renee Ellmers (NC-02)

Merlin Froyd (CA-28)
  • Merlin Froyd: “The year is 1983.”
  • At age 27, Mr. Froyd brings a youthful perspective to the Republican Party
  • Merlin Froyd on the issues
  • Froyd on Twitter
  • Froyd on Facebook
Joe Heck (NV-03)
Mike Kelly (PA-03)
Keith Lepor (MA-9)
Jeff Perry (MA-10)
Jackie Walorski (IN-02)
Allen West (FL-22)


  1. As I read the astounding The End Of Nations blog I thought that Gulab Bound’s commentators totally must read this: http://hubpages.com/hub/Global-Union-The-End-Of-Nations

    • Thank you, Bhanu Tiwari! I clicked expecting some spam, but that article is very pertinent to us and worth reading and pondering. Please keep in touch with us. If so, welcome to the Gulag!

  2. I would like to add Dr. Marvin Scott; pro-life, conservative candidate running against Andre Carson in IN-07. Dr. Marvin Scott has been a professor of Sociology at Butler University for 19 years. As an educator, Marvin Scott understands that a solid education is the foundation of every American. He believes his national and international experience will bring a unique perspective to the United States House of Representatives.

    Andre Carson is one of two Muslims serving in Congress, he was appointed to serve the end of his grandmother’s term after her death and was elected in 2008. Congressman is not an inherited position and Andre has shown himself to be less than honest and willing to do or say anything to further the Obama agenda of race baiting and division. His most recent statement in support of the ground zero mosque reveals his true loyalties.

    Visit Marvin’s facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Scott4Congress?ref=ts

    or his website: http://drmarvinscottforcongress.com

    This is a long held Democrat gerrymandered district. Marvin needs 5000 votes. We hope he can get them! Thank you.

  3. Thank you (RightKlik)!

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