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He is “Professor Steven A. White,” and is called one of America’s favorite educators by parents of students and those who have taken his adult classes. He also won Outstanding Educator title 2 years in a row from the College of Southern Nevada. Professor White was certificated in 1984 as an Christian Counselor, and ordained in 1988. Steve is recipient of the 1997 Changing Images In America Awards. It’s believed that he and Ruth’s work in the Entertainment Industry helped spark Whitney Houston’s version of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (the first colorblind Fairy Tale musical in modern day Cinema).

Steve received the Outstanding Educators Award for the College Of Southern Nevada 2 years in a row 2002 and 2003 He launched The Master Educators Tutoring Service, and XChange in 2004 which tutors privately or after school and is matching educators with parents who want to Homeschool. He educates groups with his live Seminars/and online Webinars on Common Core called The Mater Educator’s Math Soup ( Basic Education and Common Core ). Among the children of celebrities Steve personally taught are those of Boxing champion “Floyd in 1996. He has taught the children of celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather” and children from the famous California Wine Making family “Gallo.”

Professor White is now expanding this business to bring on educators who will give the same expertise in executing their learning programs. He is matching these qualified and ethical educators with families (Parents/Grandparents, Foster Parents etc) who need an educator to come to their home or facility to teach according to the needs of that student/family. Steve is author of “Math Soup For Scared People” Curriculum/Work Book (on Teachers Pay Teachers Curriculum and Worksheets – for people who want hands on information to help them at reasonable cost.


Sher: Professor White, you were a teacher for many years in the California public schools. However, when you realized the corruption and programs’ design against the students (including “data-mining“ them), you left that system and California at what was, then, the height of your career. Would you share what you discovered with my readers and how you went about changing your life‘s path?

Professor White: They started out with changing curricula like Whole Language and Bilingual Education and they hadn’t started data mining our children at that stage yet. I saw the schools were going through changes, which included taking away basic learning skills from the children and the school board bringing in newer, younger, and more liberal teachers while forcing the more seasoned educators out.

The stress and frustration got so bad that it started effecting my health. I went to another district and began formulating my own program called “The Master Educators Tutoring Service and XChange.” God knows it wasn’t easy or quick, but now it’s urgent that we pull our children out of public schools altogether.

I know that thousands of school teachers are alarmed at the school system as it is today and want a way out. This is a way out, but we need supporters and sponsors to help us get to the teachers and help them gain a living salary which will wean them off of the Department of Education domination.

White-Ruth-Bryant-OReillySher: You and your wife Ruth Bryant White have been honored extensively for your work in multiple arenas. Recently, you said that both of you were shocked to see that even the most basic of skills are lacking in myriad workers who have gone through the US government-run school system. Please tell us about the work you’re bringing about toward correcting this problem with inner city children.

Professor White: Many Cashier’s don’t know the basic skills of giving correct change anymore. They don’t even have the mind set to comprehend the process. . I teach privately, and some kids don’t know how to tell time from a analog clock. This is a huge, huge problem. We need to personally go into the Central Cities across the country to inform parents on what the public schools are doing to their children. Then we need to have facilities (on a large scale, in companies and churches, on a smaller scale with home school set-ups and a buddy system for a few children to be added for either one or two more children in that setting).

Then, we plan to appeal to educators (who are security screened for the children’s safety) to be dispersed in areas of need. We are looking for those educators who want to work their way out of the public school system or retired school teachers who hate the bureaucracy but love to teach. We seek those educators who can work with the parents in the specific subjects and grade levels of need for their situation. That is what my Xchange program is about, locating competent teachers and disbursing them to the places that need them. We want to be ready to handle a great influx of children at one time, then have the curricula through grassroots professionals that can fill the needs of those children without political indoctrination, data mining, or sexualization.

A good case in point that relates directly to this subject is the recent interview on Breaking News Journal On-Air Radio of a New York mother, Jackie who pulled her twins Jack and Ava from the local Public School after she saw the horrible treatment her children were receiving under the new Common Core Standards. Jack (one of the twins) had been progressing very well in his studies, right up until Common Core was imposed.  Immediately, Jack lost his joy of learning, and actually began to hate school, to the point that he begged his mother not to force him to go. The whole horrific story is on Learn how the Joan Of Ark of the 21st Century (Ava) was vindicated after she stood up to a group of girls saying she was crazy for coming against Common Core until the teacher confirmed Ava’s statement. Jack himself is on his own path to speaking out against Common Core. (Link here.)

The last piece of the puzzle is the curriculum. This plan will be replacing the McGraw Hill and Pearsons Textbooks with practical/simple curricula developed by experienced educators. For instance, my Curriculum “Math Soup For Scared People ” is for grades 4-7 level Math students and adults/ parents who need to know Basic Math. The curriculum can be purchased online in parts or as a whole. (The link is here.)

We will refer to other curricula for other subjects and grade levels. I have a Master Educators Professional Referral List that includes subject matters for Pre-K through High School and College. Some are in Reading, US Citizenship, Social Sciences and some are in Music Learning and others.

Sher: You told me that many of your former colleagues have recognized the same lack of any real education for children in the public schools and have sought a change for themselves. Would you tell us about your program that matches tutors with students?

Professor White: When a parent needs someone who teaches a certain grade level/subject in their area, we search for educators in those areas, but before we match them with an educator. The educator must be pre-screened for security reasons before we refer them out.

Sher: You have a truly outstanding program “Math Soup for Scared People.” Please tell my readers what this on-line Webinar entails and how people can sign up for it.

Links from Professor White:

GoFundMe (“Math Soup For Scared People”):

Teachers Pay Teachers:

Breaking News Journal. Net like to Master Educators Page:

Professor White: Please invite all of your parents to join my Webinars. I use life current events like the Trayvon Martin trial where you saw a 19 year old who did not know how to read. I am bringing basic learning skills back to education. Please help me do so by passing this information around and encouraging others to register for this very important Webinar.

I am conducting the “Math Soup For Scared People” Webinars August 13, and 15th 4PM PST, 7PM EST online. This webinar is well worth it and is worth $200 but I do it for submitted donation of only $10. To register just click the link above.

My Administrative Assistnat will send the private secure information about the online link to the Webinar. I will be talking about What Common Core is and some resources and then get into Basic Math. I am also working with Founders Academy to get children out of public schools before the new school year.

I would like to get as many parents who are scared about their children’s future in education. signed up for these Webinars so they can be empowered as they move to the next step in securing their knowledge and their children’s education. For those who just need the materials, they can click the Teachers Pay Teachers link above and purchase “Math Soup For Scared People” Curriculum.

Beware what is meant by "21st Century themes;" graphic from

Beware what is meant by “21st Century themes;” graphic from

Sher: Thanks so much for your time, professor. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Professor White: I am working with a wonderful group of professionals who have their own programs and specific curricula which together will cover a complete educational program from Preschool through 7th Grade. Included on this list are: Tools 4 Preschool and Tools For Learning, by Murray T. Bass and Freedom Project Education (online), by Mary Black. We are in communication with an affiliate of Hillsdale College, who is in process of opening Learning Academies across the USA, who will cover K-12th Grade, and do not accept any Federal funds, and so will not be subject to Common Core. This program is being funded by The Barney Charter School Initiative. We’re hoping that the Hillsdale Academies will implement the Math Soup for Scared People curriculum as a part of their program.

I have contracted my services to a world renowned Learning Institution for over 5 years. If this institution shifts to Common Core Standards, I am left with no choice, but to resign. I do not believe in Common Core Standards, and I will not be a party to their enforcement upon children. Because of this, it is all the more vital for the public to back my Webinars, and my Curriculum. I am available to do live Basic Skills Seminars for companies who need or want my services.

If your readers have any further questions or comments, they can always reach us at:, or they may call us at: (702) 239-8955.

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