Bulletin: Institutional Insurrection, False-Flag Terrorism, Summer, Fourth of July

NOTE: Please keep in mind that we must explore possibilities in these perilous and treacherous times, not just eventualities, in order to accountably lead ours lives. This includes consideration of potentials of threats to our freedom from, what is by its own signatures, a subversive insurrection via institution – this even where institutions have been originally intended to  preserve, not overrule and violate our popular sovereignty. Potentials are potentials. We don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t discover, unless we explore. This is not intended for grandstanding, only for responsible consideration.

capitol-fireworks01Institutional Insurrection

We are seeing numerous warnings of the potential for the Obama regime and those behind it to carry out terrorist attacks, set up in order to blame fictitious or real extremists calling themselves patriots (or, “right wing nut jobs” as the programmed propaganda is expressed on the Internet).

The IRS continues to target patriot groups, according to recent reports from numerous quarters, including from Rick Santorum on last weekend’s Huckabee program. This may also indicate there to be a plan for a kind of continuance of insurrection via government. The very exposure of such subversiveness tends to prompt perpetrators into more extensive measures. If cover-up doesn’t work, then other measures may be attempted. Such insurrectionists may act out in desperate ways, to divert public attention, and even to provide perceptive justification for authoritarian crack-downs.

That is how both neo-Marxism and neo-fascism work in mid-game or end-game revolution (and in global, communitarian state capitalism, these two methods of totalitarianism have been blending, around the world).

Further, the NSA-related revelations, of more and more technocratic control and the gross, programmatic invasion of our private communications, is threatening to bring down not only the Obama administration, but, if Congress is not thoroughly corrupted, to bring investigations that would surpass the most intensive in American history into subversion and tyranny (far surpassing those led by B. Carrol Reece, Joseph McCarthy, and Frank Church).

In the latest bursts of insider leaking and whistleblowing we are told that “federal” government intelligence has worked with Microsoft, to provide hooks into Windows 95 and all subsequent versions, to allow surveillance. This may explain numerous instances of “odd occurrences,” including some of my own and those of colleagues, also those suffered by one of our few truly investigative “mainstream” media journos, Sharyl Atkisson.

People who are trying to usurp power, when their methods begin to be exposed tend to face a desperate choice. Do they allow themselves to be found out? Or, do they increase the velocity, mass, and heighten the trajectory of their subversive work as counter-measures?

That, as we have related since 2009, would tend to necessitate “wag the dog” operations that would be numerous, massive, and in the public’s, the military’s, and law enforcement’s eyes, justify its increasing, authoritarian usurpation of power from the Sovereign People and our constitutional methods of self-governance.

Rumors of staged, false-flag terrorism include:

  • Independence Day occurrence(s)
  • Atrocity connected with an upcoming National Boy Scout Jamboree, Mount Hope, West Virginia, July 15-24

We will update further, whether with edits in this post, alerting with an “UPDATE” flag in the title, or with subsequent posts. Considering the Noon-time haste with which this is presently written, the former is likely.

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