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UPDATE 6/24 12:51

The @GualgTech account has now been suspended. Because of this, its list covering the NSA crisis will not will display. As yet, no explanation has been given.  If one were to come, I hope to relate it. We have changed to a shorter list below, maintained by our main Twitter account, @GulagBound. [EDIT: At approximately 3:30pm CT we noticed that @GulagTech was back up; no explanation was given from Twitter about its suspension. Its list is in the article again.]

More is to come though, including looking into reports that the NSA has worked with Microsoft to give them back doors into anyone’s PC on the Internet with Windows 95 or later (story at WND.com).


Original item first published at 10:10am CT

I’m going to do one of my build-it-as-I go items here. The process may take a couple days. But for the moment, I’m taking a nap, since I’ve been up nearly all night doing a few things including keeping track of Ed Snowden’s flight from Hong Kong to Moscow, and apparently to Havana and Caracas, Venezuela. Snowden vs. Obama is appearing more and more to be a matter of Marxist vs. Marxofascist. How Old Europe of them both. Edit 12:07pm: one report  now has him requesting asylum in Ecuador.

We Americans who believe in America, on the other hand, are more concerned about the latter’s use of its intel on our Sovereign People, both now and in a very threatening, very near-term future.

Never before has the government of a nation spied and maintained intelligence upon its own population to any degree approaching this, without it being a totalitarian, terrorist regime.

metropolis-mechgirl-retouchSo, more to come right here, to explore what this means.  But in the mean time, I would like to introduce you to another, much humbler automaton, @GulagTech, our winsome Technocracy 21 correspondent if we do say so, constantly keeping us fed like a good little alma mater, including from a list called Data Privacy Pundits.

I recommend tracking her, whether here in Gulag or by following and subscribing in Twitter. (By the way, I don’t recommend anyone open a new Facebook account.)

(Note: @PRISM_NSA, as it may show up, is a parody account.)

NSA/USIC/ODNI (let’s list and describe the programs in a bit)… plus: DOJ/FBI, DHS, TSA, IRS (heard anything of them, lately? reports tell, their abuse of patriots hasn’t skipped a beat), more IRS/Obamacare, HHS/Obamacare, Agenda 21/smart meters/EPA data, drones, phones, GPS, cameras, potential universal background checks, through-the-wall scanners, Rex-84/FEMA, DOD/DARPA… what (and whom) am I leaving out?

Oh, yes… we’ve left out Obama’s unprecedentedly White House controlled 2010 Census for one thing, along with the Obama campaign’s (illegal?) use of such data for microtargeting (profiling, including by race)… and ongoing past 2012… so big, it took someone(s) from the Defense Department, to help (again, illegal?).

And “Global Governance 2025,” how does that fit into the picture? Or better put, how do we fit into that?

And is the NSA directed at suspected terrorists, not to worry? We recall, do we not, who the DHS and increasingly the U.S. armed forces are instructing personnel just who suspected terrorists are, right? (Evangelicals, uppity constitutionalists, Gadsden flag flyers, pro-lifers, and veterans sums it up).

And maybe we should look into those banking and finance regulations again. Just a thought.

EDIT: Then there is biogenetics, infant harvesting, genetically modified food, genetically crafted disease, and all the dystopic new world that the hands-on-genome has for us. The fascistic, especially America’s progressives and their Nazi cousins got there before the rest of the world ideologically and their grand-kids now have the new toys in sparkling, digitally enabled labs. They are even looking into transhumanism (and our @GulagTech may appreciate this).  And yes, there is weather modification, geo-engineering, and the use of electromagnetic frequencies for numerous purposes, hey, even stuff that can come out of passing jet planes, etc.

So much getting to know us, in the new Marxofascism, “Gov 2.0” technocracy (with Trotskyite-democracy muscle from neo-Marxist controlled unions and “comprehensive immigration reform”).  They call it Gov 2.0 for a reason. It is Big Data going autocratic, “SkyNet” or “The Matrix,” for sci-fi movie fans, but with real, really bad flesh and blood behind it (and whatever demons behind them). It is the IT for the New World Order insurrection in process, a war going on in front of our noses – upon us.

See you in the nightmare after I wake up from my nap. Why not a nap? Most others are asleep.

Human contributor: @TallulahStarr, also CJ in TX: @TelltheTruth1



Tim Berners-Lee, wikipedia photo

Tim Berners-Lee, wikipedia photo

With our intrepid Edward on his way to Equador, we will leave you this evening with just two more items in this particular posting. There is so much being bandied about, regarding Snowden that it is important to keep one’s eyes on the big ball in the game — no not that big baloon that used to snatch up Patrick McGoohan’s character in TV’s The Prisoner.

The big ball in the game is power — immense power that so obviously tends to corrupt, so quickly to become absolute power corrupting absolutely, used to control.

First, a new item from someone, whom unlike Al Gore and any DNA evidence notwithstanding, is often credited as being “a” if not “the” father of the Worldwide Web. A quote and an excerpt to a new article at BusinessInsider.com entitled, “Web Inventor Berners-Lee Warns The Powers That Be Are ‘Trying To Take Control’ Of The Internet.”

If you can control [the internet], if you can start tweaking what people say, or intercepting communications, it’s very, very powerful…it’s the sort of power that if you give it to a corrupt government, you give them the ability to stay in power forever.

And a crisp report staying very fresh, from the most recent winner of Accuracy in Media’s Reid Irvine award for Investigative Journalism, Catherine Herridge. With an assist from Brett Baier, it is brought through Daily Caller’s, “FNC’s Herridge reveals NSA abuses, reasons not to trust Feinstein and Rogers’ oversight,” on the 11th of this month.

Please listen to them all (and keep in mind that Dr. Krauthammer is a brilliant and well-meaning, neocon dupe of “America First” globalism). More soon and it will come in digestible bits, with citations and context. This is subject matter that must be brought forth consistently, in our brave, new world, without shirking, cowering and without distraction. It is our aim to do just that and as we do, to begin to address what must be done about it all, to preserve our freedom.


  1. Arlen Williams says

    Some have hypothesized that Obama could even be behind the Snowden leaks. But obviously, Obama’s neo-Marxist apologists are displeased, and in a way that is difficult for all of them to fake in an orchestrated way (e.g., Senators Schumer and Durbin, also the establishment-left pundits and even journalists.)

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