UPDATE: Toll Hikes, Preserved Bottlenecks, Airport Destruction, and TSA

What do they all have in common?


I just delivered some observations and carefully wrought opinions and questions to a friend, who, along with her other friends in and around Miami, Florida, is having a Dickens of a time fighting some very oddly punitive tollway plans. (I say, “carefully wrought opinions and questions” because I wouldn’t want to get harassed and persecuted like I was a Tea Part–I mean… I wouldn’t want to bother any folks so much that they would consider suing me, or… something.)

Now, since the NSA receives my emails and I might be pegged for expressing my opinions, why not share them with the world?

And so, here is a stream of tweets sent in the middle of the night. (Speaking of traffic, the Internet in these parts is less congested at such a time as this, so that should make it easier for the former public servants of our formerly federal government to collect and catalog them, for their presently fascist future reference.)

Presented in twos only, for reasons known to our “Gov. 2.0” Big Data information channellers at Twitter according to the PRISM plan:

EDIT: With my apology, these tweets have been deleted at the request of the one to whom they were principally sent. I hope they weren’t disruptive to that person’s work.

In them I compared the toll-hike scenario in the Miami area with that in Illinois and with Chicago’s former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s midnight, thug-work vandalization of Meigs Field in Chicago, and add to that the TSA’s abuse which airline customers undergo, to suggest that it all fits the Agenda 21 plan, to frustrate automobile and air travel, in order to herd a diminishing population into 10-minute cities of walkers and bikers connected by high speed rail, in something very much akin to the Hunger Games stories.

I also suggest that big, fascist, central bank money plays a very, very big role, not only in the promotion of this grossly treacherous plan overall, but also very likely in the form of graft.  The mammon-maddened 1% of 1% of 1% want their control and their unspoiled wilderness playgrounds. Further, I offered that administrators of the American Planning Association might know something about such dealings.

My concern is for the Titanic, not so much about the deck chairs of any given locale. The overall war against sovereign and free America should be more troubling to Americans than the mere inconveniences of bad planning, here and there.

I wonder how many other huge tollway hikes are being proposed, implemented, or have recently been foisted upon auto travelers across America….


Meigs Field, just after being vandalized and sabotaged by Chicago’s former Mayor Ricard M. Daley. Photo from ChicagoMag.com, AP by Rex Arbogast


PS: Considering attaching “and TSA” to all Gulag Bond titles from now on, sort of like when people add “in bed” at the ends of fortune cookie messages.

PPS: Does the NSA monitor fortune cookies?


  1. Arlen Williams says

    Resisting the temptation to search for another photo for this little piece with “tollway road rage” or “toll booth violence.”

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