Snowden Damaging U.S. Intelligence? How is that not Good…



There is much to relate and I made some comments under our Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s meaty article, “The Sandbagging of America.” However, I need to, a. add some very relevant facts to those thoughts, for both context and credence and, b. make it all a bit more pithy.

As just mentioned, I’m very pressed for time for a few weeks, so “a” is difficult. But I can devote a few minutes to “b.” Here is some “b.”

The point:

Whatever Snowden is all about, what he did brings attention to the pitched war waged against the United States of America, by forces which have gained control over the bulk of our own government, intelligence services, and thereby even our military. Think of technocracy as a collection of new power tools in the workshop of global Marxofascism, within our own nation.

Our chief struggle to maintain our Popular Sovereignty, thus our freedom is not a struggle with China, nor Russia, but a struggle with the presence of a global network within the halls of economic and political power, developed for over two centuries within our own country.

More later; really. In the mean time, one can search “Norman Dodd” or “G. Edward Griffin,” here in Gulag — also: Wisconsin Victor Berger.


  1. Arlen Williams says

    I wonder, when people see someone else or me say we are being warred against, by forces within our own nation, do they think that is rhetorical and not literal?

  2. Unfortunately, they think we’re crazy. The power brokers have done a fine job disguising their actions, even rallying the people to support their actions.

    A great read is “…And Not a Shot is Fired” by Jan Kozak. It details how the Czech parliament was used to “transform” the country. One must sway public opinion.

    Didn’t V. Lenin once say “It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.”

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