UPDATE: Will Glenn Beck’s Whistleblower Take Down America’s ‘Bipartisan Combine’ Today?

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beckobamaI sure hope so. And I will be praying so.

That should be done (must be done?) for us to free ourselves from the phony-right vs. left paradigm controlled by the globalist mammon (money-power) complex.

Then we need, as Sarah Palin has said, “sudden and relentless reform,” a reform that I believe includes measures to prevent the controlling dynamic of predictable, thus planned and executed two-party conflict. That reform could begin with constitutionally implementing the run-off election system for federal and state offices.

And we need so much more, to bring us back to a nation of popular sovereigns, that preeminent position for each guarded by state and national sovereignty. And yes, that includes among so many reforms, regaining control of our own financial and monetary policies. What a (constitutional) concept. Ron Paul is right about that, though any global currency, even gold as a global currency, brings with it the seeds of a loss of national economic defense and instead, of mutually assured economic destruction (MAED).

But back to Beck… will we find out, this morning, Mr. Beck?

“It will take down the GOP. It will take down the Democrats. It will take down many members of Congress. It will take all of ’em down – and outside of Congress. It will take all of ’em down.”


Glenn Beck Will Break News That Will Take Down The Entire Power Structure…Within 24 Hours

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The morning’s 9-Noon ET radio stream may be heard here: http://www.glennbeck.com/content/radio.


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The associated story at The Blaze:

“Revolt Among Republicans on Immigration Bill: 70 House Members Risk Careers in Planned Showdown With Leadership”


  1. Arlen Williams says

    Someone in Facebook is musing that perhaps Mr. Beck has discovered the realities of Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility problem(s) and related background anomalies, and their cover-up. Well, that would be nice, not… holding… breath.

  2. Arlen Williams says

    My hat is tipped and off to a great Chicagoan, John Kass for “bipartisan combine.” I think John has likely read up on John D. Rockefeller, who was a self-described apostle of “combination.” That is so very pertinent.

    John Kass, Chicago Tribune:

  3. Michael Mortinsen says

    With all respect we heard this promise before, I not goi9ng to hold my breath!!

  4. Arlen Williams says

    I’m still not hearing about the individual mentioned by Beck who believed his life was on the line (not to my knowledge, anyway). What about that?

  5. No border security and implementation of interior enforcement even with amnesty.

    Gee, sounds like the Senate bill, notwithstanding all the crude deceptions being told by Schumer, Rubio et al.

    As to the House, well …. Paul Ryan sort of let the cat out of the bag yesterday, and Mark Levin went nuclear on him last night:

    Mark Levin goes NUCLEAR, calls out Paul Ryan for his position on immigration

    That written, what Beck reported this morning is important.

    It confirms what the chatter has been for some time …. that the House would come up with a bi-partisan bill, which Boehner would push through, even if he had to rely on Democratic support and violate the Hastert rule …. a bill which was written in secret … with the same interest groups, activists and lobbyists at the table as the Senate bill, it would have all of the same problems.

    if people want a good understanding of the Senate bill follow Senators Grassley and Sessions. Neither are afraid to tell it like it is.

    While Senator Cruz is a superb speaker, and smart as a whip, Senators Grassley and Sessions are the Senate leaders in this fight.

    Senator Grassley was in the Senate in 1986. To put it in the vernacular, “he knows were all the bodies are buried.” Senator Sessions is no slouch and because he is from Alabama, he has appeal in both the black and white communities.

    As to the pitch by Ryan that we need to do amnesty first to secure the border, for national security reasons … really Representative Ryan?

    So, pray tell, given all the money that Congress has appropriated since 9/11 for Defense, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Intelligence, under existing law, the border could easily have been secured and all the obligations met for interior enforcement. Yet despite spending more than a trillion dollars since 2001 what do we have?

    We have not built the border fence as required by law. We have not fully implemented e-verify. as the law requires. We have not implemented biometrics at all points of entry to allow us to track visa holders as required by law. This administration is blocking interior enforcement of the law.

    The border security requirements in the Senate bill are weaker than what was required in the 2007 proposal. We have the lessons learned from 1986.

    So, why should we believe that in exchange for amnesty now (aka temporary residency status for roughly 11 million aliens), Congress and the Executive Branch will implement a series of future legislative promises?

    If the past is any predictor of the future …. forget it.

    There is an old expression, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

    The other person to key in on is Senator Hatch. We need to remind him of how he got re-elected, the platform he ran on and urge him to honor his word to the electorate, because he can be a lion.

    All that written, Mr. Beck’s report did serve another key purpose.

    In the face of the “bi-partisan combine”, which includes FOX News, he did use his megaphone and platform to issue a wake up call; and that is also good.

  6. It’s a nice thought, but I don’t think it will, whatever he brings out. I am sad to say, that I’ve lost faith in the ‘American public’ as a whole. We, as a people, have shown how far we’ve fallen in the last few decades. For myself, I’ll never stop tilting at the windmill of Liberty. I just don’t think there are enough who have the balls to stand up and be counted, to kick ass and take names, so to speak.

  7. So, when does the big news hit. I’ve already buried my money and set up the sandbags!

  8. Arlen Williams says

    Thank you John and all for your comments. We need to “stay tuned” but chiefly stay tuned to the Word and Spirit, including our soundly informed hearts, minds, and senses, and carry forward and press Congress like it’s 2010+++ (which it is).

  9. still waiting to hear this “big announcement” its been over 24 hours…..

  10. Arlen Williams says

    We hope to follow up on this very soon — tell what Beck is telling — tell if he fails to tell.

  11. I think glen beck maybe referring to something much more apocalyptic . He has been talking so much about “we are living in biblical times” , ” put your house (life) in order”… “Our country will be rocked, and our nation divided in the next 10 days”..”this is a dire situation” the take down of our government”….Beck apologizing for past wrong doings..what one document can do all this? … Who knows ? Could be the government knows more about our environment than they want to tell us… Does anybody realize since the beginning of this year the astounding amount of earthquakes, unexplained animal deaths ( in the millions), unbelievable amount of unexplained sinkholes , severe flooding , tornados .dust storms, and yes UFO sitings,. Not just here but around the world!!! It’s really scary and unprecedented. And conveniently Obama will be on vacation in Africa next week with his family(a 100 million dollar trip!) seriously what in the world is he bringing with him that would cost that much? Something’s fishy

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