Memorial Day. What Did You Do Today? What About Tomorrow?

While this full page ad from a World War II era magazine has a propagandistic tilt that some may find objectionable, let it serve as the reminder it is, this Memorial Day.


Thank you Father in Heaven, for those who have given their lives to pass truly empowered popular , accountable to You, on to us, so we may devote our lives to do the same.

That is where freedom comes from.


  1. Arlen Williams says

    That image came along to me in an one of those multi-recipient emails, in April of 2010. (Thank you again, Dave.) I made a few notes about it in Investigating Obama, here:

  2. Arlen Williams says

    Making progress with the Sovereignty Campaign, thank the Lord, though it may not appear so, at the moment. I believe it should go live in June, maybe June 1. Or maybe I’ll wait for June 6, D-Day.

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