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Love And Death – The Abandoning

I remember thinking and talking of America, circa 2008/9, as a patient in a light coma, held in an operating room on the table, unable to wake up, beginning to be drained of her life blood, her organs there to be harvested.

Now, trickling into her hazy consciousness despite the Marxstream media anesthesia, are all the putative president’s “scandals,” and the patient adds this knowledge to scanty but recent memories of talk of Obama’s very troublingly guarded anti-American upbringing and of problems with documents… something about documents….

SovCamPersonally, I’m going to have to leave the patient here, in my story, for just a bit, until what I believe is a very important project, of both short and long term, is truly underway, the Sovereignty Campaign. There will be much more news of that soon. And not forgotten are some promises I’ve made, some very recently. After just a few weeks, I will be presenting articles again including two which will  address:

  • How the Obama scandals must be put into perspective, to tell of a much broader, deeper, and even higher set of very related crises
  • What I would humbly suggest be done in the further investigation of the Benghazi debacle
  • Edit: the real reason for the Second Amendment, clearly stated buy the framers: free, local and state militias and why they are always essential, today and into the future

I also remember my promise to present articles as yet unshown here in Gulag, from our parted hero, Henry Lamb, who found the time in failing health, to help in key ways, with the Sovereignty Campaign.

In the meantime, I should be adding brief items here in the Gulag blog and our invaluable editor, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton of Noisy Room will continue to do her magic. (We are each experiencing a very busy Spring; Terresa manages to show significantly more for it.)

God providing, these things will fall into place for our Bounders, but in a way much better integrated into an overall solution. That solution is presently awaiting birth in an extended gestation period. Perhaps its birth will be what will save our patient on the table — it should surely help to wake her up — it’s her baby.

Keep tuning in. Same Gulag time and channel.

Keep praying and acting our prayers out in faith, all of us.


PS: I also hope to make some observations about how the left works with Facebook and Twitter to mess with patriots — been experiencing and noting….


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_px9ZInYKA
    FDA Monsanto Scandal. GMO Dangerous lead to Allergies, toxins, new diseases and Nutrition problem.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu2USbRBuh0
    MSNBC propaganda they hate NRA. Have anyone wonder about Ricin letter using Patriots as scapegoats?

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