The Real National Scandal: Putin’s Letter to Obama

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Appalling as the Benghazi, AP and IRS scandals are, this dwarfs them all.

This puts U.S. national survival and hundreds of millions of lives at stake.


From Russia Today:

The head of Russia’s National Security Council has arrived in the US on a two-day visit for top-level talks on key stumbling blocks in bilateral relations. He will also deliver President Putin’s response to a letter President Obama sent in April.

Putin aide Yury Ushakov confirmed on Tuesday that Patrushev is carrying the presidential letter and is scheduled to meet Obama.

Among the US officials Nikolay Patrushev will meet during his trip is National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon, who brought Obama’s letter during his visit to Moscow last month. The content of the letter was never made public, but Russian officials said it was very constructive and listed several proposals for building cooperation between Washington and Moscow.

“Ideas covering some of the directions have new elements, which our country will study carefully and respond to accordingly,” Ushakov said while describing the letter’s contents.

Washington reportedly suggested drawing attention away from frustrating issues in Russian-US relations, such as Russia’s human rights record and the controversial Magnitsky Act, which the US adopted in response to alleged human rights violations.

Instead, the two nations would focus on strategic issues such as counter-terrorism cooperation, the conflict over NATO’s anti-ballistic missile system in Europe, and nuclear disarmament. It was indicated that several groundbreaking agreements may come from the letter, likely including a legally binding agreement that would make the ABM shield in Europe transparent to Russia, assuring that its nuclear deterrence is not compromised.

Patrushev himself said that he had “no pessimism” about his trip to the US.

America’s worst ever President, a man with extensive pro-Moscow communist connections, doing secret deals involving U.S. national security with a life long KGB operative.

Right in front of our noses folks.


  1. ThisObamaNation says
  2. Finally a man with a plan a real leader. Putin would make a great adviser to BO b/c BO don’t know squat. Who would have thought that the KGB would be the force behind saving America?. The two countries need each other in moving forward and dealing with mutual Muslim problems:)

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