How Will US History Record That Eventful Week? Now is The Time!

ReaganWill last week go down in history as the week global warming stopped? The week the sun broke through the clouds for the first time in years? The week Obama lost his mojo? Some say this scandalpalooza will lead to impeachment. I do not have that much confidence in the GOP in Congress. I have not heard of any cases of spontaneous regeneration of the testicles, once someone is neutered.

I see many on the left in absolute panic and scrambling to defend their savior. Will they be able to pull him from the brink of destruction? Some in the media are trying to rewrite history before it is history. Everything they believe in, is at stake.

Case in point, I cannot remember being attacked so vehemently from the trolls on Twitter, as when I posted this picture yesterday of President Reagan holding his own umbrella. All I said was “no words needed.” It seems to have hit a nerve. It’s not like I posted this very telling one of Obama with a marine holding the umbrella for him with some snide remark. Wussy

As this week comes to a close, I am left to wonder and worry about what will be written in the history books my grandchildren will study.  I guess that will also depend upon whether we are able to reclaim our schools.  I know that we are watching history in the making, but to what outcome? What will be The Obama Legacy?

J.B. Williams writes: “Obama’s Federal Gestapo is Going Down” with a very good outline of all of the scandals. He names many of those who are complicit, in the numerous  acts of treason against We The People.

J.B. says:

Our problem is as follows, and this has been the problem since 20 January 2009…

Barack Hussein Obama MUST be held fully accountable for numerous blatant acts of treason, period. If this does not happen, America is finished forever. This by itself constitutes a “constitutional crisis…” but is again, only the tip of the iceberg.

Due to the massive conspiracy surrounding what can only be titled The Obama Crisis, and all of the key figures involved in that conspiracy to “fundamentally change America,” no one in the constitution[al] chain of succession to the Oval Office can be entrusted with that office today.

He goes on to ask:

Is this enough for the average American to wake up and get engaged yet? If it isn’t, America isn’t America anymore and it will never be America ever again.

And then I cringe, grimace, and grit my teeth, remembering the clip that Bill O’Reilly ran this week of  a producer on the streets of New York City, asking passers-by about the White House scandals. Oh my God, we still have college students who do not know the name of the Vice President!  You have to watch that clip if you did not see it when it aired. I am astounded that the people who live here, in the only really free country in the world, take their freedom for granted to such a degree. Gallup says: “Americans’ Attention to IRS, Benghazi Stories Below Average.” I am terrified!

Restoring-Honor-ThrongsThen I remember the marches on DC and the pictures that did not make the main stream media, nor even Fox News. The numbers that were falsely reported. If we did it again, would the coverage be different? There are some in the media who are asking questions now. What does it take to wake up the sheeple? Could we pull it off again in even greater numbers?

I do not know the answer to any of the questions I have asked here. I do believe this is do or die time. Time to pull out all of the stops. It is time to talk to all of those people you have been afraid to approach. Ask them to please just read about what is happening and form their own opinion. Do not accept excuses like “I am not very political.” Make them understand that they at the very least, need to know what is happening. Talk to your pastors, your doctors, the people who call you trying to sell you something on the phone. Buy the t-shirts and bumper stickers and wear them. If you do not find one you like, then go to Cafe Press and make your own. Tea parties, regroup and fight! Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!

As I am writing this, I received an email from one of the most effective groups now working to restore our Constitutional Republic, The U.S. Patriots Union. If you are not a member, go join!  The membership fee is $29.00 per year. Donate more if you can. Become a Charter Member! I have permission to reprint the email blast here:



It has taken us five years of sustained efforts in numerous strategic initiatives to arrive at the moment in history and now, it is time to GO BIG or GO HOME!

Since we decided to work in focused tangible strategies aimed at Restoring our Constitutional Republic, we have gained a lot of ground…

  1. We have ignited the fire for individual and states rights at the state level via State Legislative Committees in numerous states working on the Constitutional Balance of Powers.
  2. We exposed the TRUTH about Benghazi last October, now a raging inferno in ongoing investigations that threat the Obama administration.
  3. We delivered evidence of IRS witch hunts to friends in the press two years ago, now making headlines all over the world and threatening the Obama administration.
  4. We established that Barack Hussein Obama is a fraud from top to bottom and that he is an anti-American infiltrator.
  5. We served NOTICE to ALL 50 states to stop the fraud via ballot access in 2012.
  6. We served ALL members of Congress in a demand to STOP the 2012 election fraud by objecting to election results and opening a full investigation.
  7. We started it all with a Veterans Day rally on the Washington Mall in DC in 2011 and a DEMAND to Restore the Constitutional Republic and we have worked every day since to force that process forward.
  8. and despite the fact that we have yet to receive the financial support needed to launch it, we are prepared to challenge the entire Obama Administration and Washington DC on ALL of their criminal acts via a Criminal Complaint.

NOW, we stand ready to use The North American Law Center to force all congressional investigations against the Obama regime into the open via a Special Grand Jury.

Everything we have done over the last five years was strategically designed to bring us to this moment in history… OBAMA’S GESTAPO MUST GO DOWN!

NO organizations in the country have been so focused on tangible strategies, or so successful in the carrying out of those strategies, none!


All of this work has been carried out by a small number of our members and funded by less than 10% of our member base…. THAT’S A CRIME!

We MUST have the support of our members to finish the tasks we have started and make everything we have done up to this point count!

It will take serious funding to finish this job…. but we have arrived at the moment when Obama is in a weakened state and so is every criminal in DC who has been involved in the theft of our once great nation.





Be the solution!


People have to be removed from office, charged with crimes, put in prison and made an example of… and no matter how difficult it is the American people must insist that our government be cleansed of all frauds, infiltrators and criminals.

Yes, the American people have allowed this tragedy to build to a point when resolving this mess will itself be very messy. But not resolving this disaster will be even messier and disasters are not like wine, they do not get better with time.


It’s now public knowledge that the ever evolving official administration stories on Benghazi are all bold faced lies. It’s clear that the four Americans who were brutally murdered in Benghazi did not have to die. What’s not clear yet, is who is responsible for these murders? Nothing the Obama administration has told the people about Benghazi is true… but who is responsible?

General Carter Ham and Admiral Charles M. Gaouette know the answer to this question. Where are Ham and Gaouette today? Why hasn’t Issa’s investigative committee called these decorated Military officers to testify before the committee investigating Benghazi?

Also something to share, in celebration of Armed Forces Day yesterday and remembrance of those who fell at Benghazi: (h/t Sue From NM, @sue51684) who relates the Author as unknown:

The Battling Boys of Benghazi


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