How are the Obama Scandals Like this Picture? (+BONUS)


The Repti Breeze from (a little free advertising in exchange for grabbing this image)

Well, this is the picture I found, but imagine a terrarium a thousand times bigger, filled with image shifting chameleons (and the flies and maggots upon which they feed) all writhing or resting under leafy plants, for cover from the light. But see, it has walls. Consider yet, it has a door.

(Personally, I have many other duties this Spring, but I’ve put my foot in it, to: 1. provide just a few pointy points about Obama’s multifarious scandals, including but not limited to the IRS blow-up and, 2. tell what I would have a small team of Woodsteins doing, to investigate the heights, depths, and ranges of the tragic Benghazi affair, also with kind brevity.)

The first should be posted tomorrow (hint: the IRS scandal should lead well beyond Barack Obama, but also pay attention to what my superiors and I have been warning of him since before his White House residency) and the second, shortly thereafter (hint: ibid. and think Arab Spring and its own world-wide web of deceits, violence, and so many other violations). [Edit: as sometimes happens, it is taking a bit longer, due to a special project taking precedence.]


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