China Continues to Encircle the West

New Zeal

One of the world’s most mineral rich and strategically placed nations, South Africa, is rapidly coming under Chinese influence.

Controlled by the South African Communist Party, through its dominance of Jacob Zuma‘s ruling African National Congress, South Africa has effectively become a “strategic partner” of the world’s largest communist power.

From the Communist Party of China International Department website:


Solly Mapaila, Li Yuanchao

BEIJING, May 6 — Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao on Monday met with a delegation of the South African Communist Party headed by its second deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila.

Noting that China attaches great importance to developing relations with South Africa, Li said his country is willing to work with South Africa to implement the agreements reached by the two state leaders and strengthen pragmatic cooperation in all fields.

Li, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, said his party is willing to exchange governance experience with the South African Communist Party, upgrade the two parties’ relations and advance the development of the China-South Africa comprehensive strategic partnership.

Mapaila said his party is ready for enhancing communication and cooperation between the two parties and keen for the two sides to learn from each other.

This may be of huge importance when the China/Russia/Iran axis finally strikes militarily against what’s left of the West.

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