Photos, Conspiracy Logic, Evidence, on the Boston Marathon Bombing


It would be inappropriate and I believe, unjust and potentially delinquent, to idly sit on the side of withholding the knowledge and perspectives of experienced conspiracy researchers and theorists, when they tend to come to agreement about critically important, breaking events, based at least in large part, on valid information.

Here is Tuesday’s synopsis and commentary, from a Lt. Col. Roy Potter. The above photos come from the collection stored by those at (as well as  Gateway Pundit, whom we presume would  not likely wish to be linked with those who believe the evils of 9-11-2001 came via civil war inside U.S. institutions of our sacred trust). We suggest perusing both pages, as one assesses Potter and his assertions — and yes, we suggest visiting just as much as say,

In times of institutional disinformation and propaganda, we have to step it up, ourselves. We Citizens are the ones responsible before God for our nation and its conduct, after all.

Video, “Listen to Lieutenant Colonel Potter Please

As for Gulag Bound, we wish to show you the kinds of things we look into, in any passing day, in our deepening crisis. The truth may lie heavily toward one side or another of such an argument, or be scattered like bomb fragments across the spectrum.  But, we would not pretend a war is not going on and has not been waged for quite some time, to infiltrate and destroy the authentic America, strictly of, by, and for its Sovereign People, via the various states of our union.

And especially in light of the explosion and fire in Texas now, please also see among other items in Gulag Bound, the following recent and very pertinent articles:

Tomorrow, April 19, is the date of the Oklahoma City bombing and the prior Branch Davidian fire/massacre of Waco, Texas. Please be careful, eyes wide open and heads on swivels.

And as for solutions, keep visiting the Bound. We will have more.

One more photo, the Reichstag, Berlin, February 27, 1933:



  1. Lt. Colonel Potter:

    We will be interviewing Anthony Gucciardi on our show tonight which begins at 8 pm CDT.

    1) Anthony Gucciardi
    Investigative Journalist
    Discussion about the 2013 Boston Marathon Tragedy

    Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. Anthony’s articles are routinely featured on top health & political websites such as Drudge Report, NaturalNews, and Infowars. Anthony is also a founding member of Natural Attitude, a leading developer of super high quality spagyric formulations. Boston Marathon Bombing Rumors


    If you want to call in we would be greatly honored. Here’s the info:

    Conf Call Number: 218-339-6901 Code-5092984#

    Here’s the link to our website:

    Here’s our invitation to Anthony which he just accepted two days ago.

    Feel free to call me if you can make it: 847-878-8090.

    Thanks for all that you are doing to expose the truth!

    Peace and God Bless,

    Fred Smart
    American Underground Network


    Anthony Gucciardi

    Apr 16 (2 days ago)

    to me
    Hey, Fred — thanks for the kind words and checking out my work.

    I’d love to come on the show, this Thursday 8 PM CST?

    Let me know any details, is Skype good?


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    We have an email list of 7500 names which receive our weekly newsletter that goes out each Wednesday evening. Our show this week will be focused this week on the news from the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. We are very thankful for the way you were able to interview Alistair Stevenson after he broke the story about there being bomb squads and dogs at the start and finish lines of the Boston Marathon yesterday. I know this is last minute, but we would be greatly honored if you could come on our show to share some of your thoughts and prayers about the incident.

    Our website is

    Our group originally was part of the national grassroots leadership team that support the late Aaron Russo\’s documentary, America: Freedom To Fascism (AFTF). I was the original National Volunteer Coordinator for AFTF and I worked directly with Aaron from March of 2006 through early March of 2007 before I stepped down. We were successful in getting AFTF into theaters in 77 cities while distributing close to 300,000 AFTF DVDs and getting the AFTF Google Video embed codes on 38,000 blogs and websites with 3 million+ views in less than 3 months before Google deleted our original file upload.

    After I stepped down, Aaron tapped Gary Franchi – Gary had reached out to me in 2006 and I had introduced Aaron to Gary – who picked up and expanded the AFTF network in the form of Restore The Republic (RTR) etc. The run we had with Ron Paul\’s 2008 Presidential Run was a lot of fun. Back during those innocent glory days we had the great fortune to have Ron on our show 3 times – the first was with Aaron Russo in early February 2008, just 1 week after he made his decision to run for President.

    We appreciate all the work you have done in the movement and we look forward to having you on our show.

    I can be reached by email or you can call me at 847-878-8090.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. It should be noted that in principle, the more complicated and extensive a covert operation gets, especially as it involves more and more people, the less the chance for success, thus the less likely it becomes to attempt, thus the less plausible it becomes to consider. And the more events, the more so.

    Strangely now 2nd Suspect died Watertown Massachusetts after Cambridge armed robbery 7-11, killing security officer in MIT and carjack black Mercedes Benz from MIT. Currently apprehending 1st Suspect.

  4. Don’t forget you comment certain information on Alex Jones Youtube account he would ban and remove the comment which will prevent others from seeing it.

  5. ThisObamaNation says

    Glenn Beck Exposes Saudi National Deportation Cover Up On Fox News!!!

    Bill O’Reilly Confirms That The Initial Boston Bombing Suspect Is A Member Of The Saudi Royal Family!!!(Click Link To See Video Clip)

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