Larry Grathwohl’s Classic ‘Bringing Down America’ Re-Released!

New Zeal

My friend Larry Grathwohl’s story is now more important than ever. He exposes the network of American radicals, international terrorists, clergymen, journalists and college professors who helped the Weathermen elude capture and continue to help in the cover-up of their crimes.

On one occasion, his quick action averted the bombing of a Detroit police station – just one story you will find in this book that the former leaders of the Weather Underground would like to keep buried.

Larry worked hand-in-glove with Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeff Jones and Mark Rudd.

All of them went on to intersect in some way the life of American president Barack Obama.

If you want to understand where Obama wants to take America, you need to read Larry Grathwohl’s book.

To pre-order copies in paperback or Kindle, e-mail Bringing Down America! today.


See Sher Zieve’s new interview about this, “Larry Grathwohl: An Extraordinary Life from the Weather Underground to the FBI and Beyond,” March 28.


  1. Hollywood ought to make a movie about Larry Grathwohl’s exerience inside the Weather Underground.

    I am sure this would be a box office blow out!

    Of course Obama might be tempted to take away Hollywood’s special tax breaks to punish the film makers, but at least they would have their integrity and they would most likely be hailed as heros for having the guts to tell the true story.

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