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White-Ruth-Bryant-koin6There’s a new news site on the Internet.  But, it’s not typical of any other site and its not just about news.  Ruth Bryant White is an entrepreneur who challenges herself, stereotypes and falsehoods in journalism and other areas on a daily basis.  She crosses political lines, which she does not believe should be barriers to human dialogue.  Her biography includes, but is not limited to, the following:

2010 Recipient of the Salvatore Prize given by the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC; the 1997 recipient along with her husband Professor White of the Changing Images in America Award in Hollywood; Coordinating Producer of the Post Oscar Showcase.  Ruth writes:  “It’s believed that Whitney Houston’s version of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella was a direct result of our work to cast and hire Directors, Writers, Producers and Actors based on their ability to do the job and not their skin color or physical disability.”

Ruth’s events have been sponsored by Women In Film, Universal Pictures, Paramount Studios, and endorsed by Beau Bridges, Andy Garcia, Susan Sarandon, Kate Capshaw, Sigourney Weaver, Jane Seymour and more.  Ruth and her husband were consultants on movies, including Denzel Washington’s Devil In A Blue Dress by Tri- Star, as well as honored guests at the movie premier of Viacom/Showtime’s ‘Mr. And Mrs. Lovings,‘ a film about the 1967 Decision to legalize interracial marriage via then Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

The Interview

Sher: Ruth, I’m so pleased to talk with you about your new site and soon to be TV Network “Breaking News Journal.” You told me when we talked last week that the site is not geared toward any particular political ideology but, is designed to present factual truths and real news…something that is sorely lacking in the “mainstream media,” today. BNJ also seems to be a real proponent of the US Constitution. Is that your intent?

Ruth: Thank you Sher for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me on such an important subject as our national media. Breaking News Journal.Net is not geared towards any political group. The Heartland of America is, frankly, tired of being bombarded with information in the old media that does not give the individual an outlet to express themselves about the content and the type of news being delivered. Breaking News Journal is the the TOWN SQUARE of new media. Think about it. In the early days of our civilization, when anything happened, everyone heard a call to assemble at the Town Square so they could be informed on what was happening and getting suggestions on who and what was needed to solve the situation. That is what Breaking News (BNJ ) is. We have answered the call to give people the news they otherwise would not receive.

Sher:  I found the story surrounding how and why you began BNJ to be both fascinating and inspiring and I’m certain my readers will, too. Would you share it with us?


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Ruth:  I was the first [announced] 2008 Presidential Candidate of the general elections before Hillary, Obama, or McCain. As I was campaigning across the country, I heard over and over again from people who were angry that MSNBC, CNN, or [even] Fox were informing them on all of the candidates who were running for office, so they (the individual) could make a choice of who they wanted in office for themselves. So, whether I was in New Hampshire, DC, South Dakota, Colorado or any other State I kept hearing people who were angry they hadn’t seen any of us seriously independent candidates on the news. The people were doubly upset, because they felt we had answers to their concerns (Unemployment, Prayers in Schools, The Constitution, Healthcare, Media, and other issues) that they thought should have been given Global attention. I made the debut of my candidacy on Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly program.  The producers and hosts of Fox’s daytime live audience show were so impressed with the program I did with Bill O’Reilly, I was asked if I would stay in town to do their program. I agreed.

When O’Reilly’s producer found me on the set the next day, he came to give me information of how well I was received by their audience and how much email came. Thousands. He said so many people wanted to hear what I said. I knew at that point if Bill O’Reilly didn’t have me back on the program  it would be because what I had to say was too raw and too real. That meant I had to come up with something where people could have their voices heard. In 2008, on Election Day, we launched Breaking News And by the way we haven’t heard from Bill O’Reilly since. To some it might have been a disappointment, but to people like me and my husband Professor White it motivated us to do something about that hunger.

The thing that makes BNJ unusual is all of our columnists are Presidential Candidates ( Dr. Laurie Roth, 2012, Christopher Popham Smith 2008, Frank McENulty, 2008, Daniel Kingery 2008, Donald K Allen 2008) which no other news service has.  We have developed a celebrity Volumnist ( I created the term) which is scheduling a celebrity who has something to say NOW to provide a way for him or her to communicate what they want others to know.  This can be dine by video, live voice on Breaking News Journal On Air Radio, or submitting in writing; so that their voices can be heard and they don’t have to wait until next week or tomorrow. If they want to go on now, I can set it up for them to go live on the radio so they can get their message out immediately. We have a community page and we have our investigative Reporter Debi Keatts out of Virginia and Community Reporter Steve Commander out of Las Vegas.

Sher:  Please tell us about “Project Red Slipper.”

Ruth:  Project Red Slipper is a group of seasoned and experienced lady producers (some men too) who have either developed and/or are hosting their own programs and have something that the public is yearning to hear. Until this point, they haven’t had a massive avenue to get those messages out or to give a voice to those who have something the heartland of American needs. I asked a group of female producers who already have their own projects and programs to join with me and become the lady producers of Project Red Slipper.  It’s a name I came up with to get people’s attention, without anyone feeling that we were a group of women of the unsavory type.  But, we needed to get the world’s attention that we are smart, go-getters and we are getting ready to take the world by storm. These women all have their own genre of production they specialize in. Project Red Slipper is designed to get the funding from outside investors (who are businesses savvy and are looking for somewhere good to put their resources). Investors may or may not be in politics, we don’t ask, because that is not important. What is important is that we have the resources to reach the masses with our projects.


Sher:  You advised me that BNJ is now in a full-on investment mode and that you have, in a very short period of time, attracted multiple investors who are eager to fund your venture and the upcoming expansions into other arenas, as well. Without divulging any specific names, would you tell us about what is happening in that area?

Ruth:  Since before Christmas 2012, I felt Breaking News had proven itself and the site was developed enough so that we could look for investors to participate and to help us grow. It has taken the development of BNJ 4 years to get to the point it is now, which is launch time…time to go to the next level.

I researched websites that work specifically with businesses who understand and want to invest, specifically, in media ventures. Surprisingly, we received responses overall from 13 investors, 2 of which can invest $30 million or more (one Promise with a Surety Bond). There are 2 more sources that can invest $1-5 million, and 1 that can invest less than 1 million.

The projects will range from TV Program such as Sports Indoor/Outdoor, Family, Food, Fashion, Children’s Programming, Teens, Investigative Reporting, Reality shows of various types in response to “trash” TV. We plan to be the William Randolph Hearst, Ted Turner, and Rupert Murdoch of new media. We plan to expand the news to hire bloggers, to hire some of them that cover different genres of news, Entertainment, etc. I must give a shout out to my Web Master Ethan Stone of Utah, in my humble opinion the best Web Master ever, and my Managing Editor Lynne Roberts out of Vermont. They have been with me for 2 years. There are people who are working with me who are on the site that I have known for over 30 years, some before I met my husband of [now] 34 years. Once I believe in you, and you are true to your word and who you are, then we normally have long friendships.

We are now embarking – as a part of our funding- “Breaking News Journal Feature Films” produced by UP Productions. Andrew Breitbart’s Filmmaker Christian Hartsock will Direct 3 Feature Films for the big screen.

The Breaking News Journal TV Channel will work as follows. We already provide live streaming on the Breaking News Journal Live TV Page. Each producer can live stream an individual episode of their programs, chat live with stream viewers and ask questions and get answers in real time.  Then, that that same program will be archived and put on the Breaking News Journal TV Channel once launched.  For example, in Dr. Laurie’s case she can live stream programs.  But, because of time constraints on Broadcast TV they will edit and chop up her work.  However, her fans will have gotten the chance to interact with her live, as will be the case with all genres of our projects.

Sher:  The plans you have for Breaking News Journal are impressive, exciting and appear planned to allow growth and diversification into multiple platforms and directions. Are there any of those you can currently share with us?

Ruth:  We are a one stop shop for people. We have news with a National News Bureau Chief from a major Broadcast News Service that is waiting to come on board BNJ with funding. We have producers who have worked in their genres like Dr. Laurie Roth who has been a PBS TV Star of CD Highway where she interviewed such celebrity entertainers as Rita Coolige, Billy Ray Cyrus, Chuck Mangione, Al Green and more (whose programs can be purchased on and Producer who has projects that with the funding Breaking news Journal is receiving can produce her Investigative Reporting TV Shows that have been promised for Broadcast TV, and The Roth Report, as well has her radio programs. Then we have Christian Hartsock who is a Filmmaker who is taking us to another level by producing Feature Films, and who has been featured on all major cable news service (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Current TV, Breitbart News and Kelsey Grammer TV Station and has relatives who produced on movies “Crash” with “Sandra Bullock”and more).

The way I have everything set up, every one of the producers of Project Red Slipper are a part of the budget for the funding that we receive. That means they will all be working. and they will all be able to breathe a little easier, so they can continue to do what they love without the pressures of wondering how they will pay a bill. We have all kinds of producers: some are young and in college, some are single parents, and some are ‘seasoned citizens’ with something valuable to say.

I asked everyone how much it would take to get their projects with marketing and distribution to put on the market, and based on all project’s financial requirements, I created the budget. I will be Executive Producer, but will not have creative rights to their projects.  I just want to see them succeed and I want everyone outside of our circle to know their names. I want the Academy Awards to be full of nothing but the projects for the lady and men producers of Project Red Slipper.

I used my expertise in Finance when I calculated the allotments from the Military Worker.  I worked in Finance all of my career and I was also the Creator and President of “The Green Valley High Rollers” Investment Club where members put funds in different stocks with which they felt comfortable. We made sure every member would receive updates on their particular investment, which is the way I plan to make sure investors are comfortable with investing in The Breaking News Journal Brand.

We have several ways investors will be paid back: A.) Pay Per View of Live Events, once The TV Channel is Launched; B.) Sponsors, Donors, News sites pay every time someone looks at the news; C.) Subscribers and Advertisers. Plus, some of our producers have secured a deal where some of their projects are already promised for be on Broadcast TV with advertising dollars and distribution deals.  So, the value of their being Producers of Project Red Slipper makes all of our work much more valuable.

Sher: Ruth, thanks so much and we wish you the greatest success. If there is anyone out there who is intrigued and interested in funding one or more of the BNJ projects, how can they contact you?

Ruth:  If anyone wishes to support our projects, they should email me at, or they can call (702) 260-4849. For those who prefer sending support through the mail, they can send it to: Breaking News Journal, C/O Ruth Bryant White , PO Box 50036, Henderson, NV 89016-0036. For any size contribution, go to, and click on the Red Slipper.

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