Rand Paul’s CPAC Speech & Our Tax Money to Terrorists (video)


Sen. Rand Paul called out the politicos of D.C. again today, for funding hostile nations abroad, “I say not one penny more to countries that are burning our flag.”

Here is a look back, at some of the evils that our money is confiscated by taxes to fund:


What is the Cost to American Families, of Aid to Islamist Nations?
– September 29, 2012, GulagBound.com


And below is Senator Paul’s speech at the oddly and controversially pro-Islamist CPAC 2013, today.

And while this is a follow-up from his historic filibuster last week, it’s a relatively brief one, as he cautions:

Video: “Rand Paul’s CPAC 2013 Speech – 3/14/2013

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