Reporting or Blogging CPAC now? Ask These Two Questions: Militarism

cpac-2013Are you a blogger or paid media pressman attending CPAC in Washington DC right now?

If so, we have a suggestion for you, a rather stern one. When you meet members of Congress (and other leaders there) whether in the media room, or elsewhere, ask one or both of the following questions. Then let us know, so we can publish the results, or if you prefer, just link to your chosen venue.

We have given them to two correspondents who are attending. The more, the… merrier? The more, the less civil war we may be in, soon.

Question 1

Over the last few months and for the first time in generations, military exercises are being held in U.S. cities — so far, 16 of them. They involve local police forces, which shows they are not just for practice for events in other nations. Also, the DHS and other Obama administration departments are purchasing an estimated 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, enough for 100 normal years and including hollow-points banned by the Geneva Convention against use even in total war. They have also purchased armored personnel carriers and graphic targets depicting civilians, even including pregnant women.

Did you know about this and what is being done in Congress to investigate this?

(Reference: “Marxist President’s Military Exercises in These U.S. Cities; Yours One?“)

Question 2

“Continuity of government” laws and executive orders have been made allowing for federal government to be protected in the event of a national emergency, while communications systems, plus private food, water, and land is summarily seized. There are also nationally controlled camps throughout America that allow for massive numbers to be resettled and even interned within their razor wired cyclone fences. Especially as firearms are also confiscated, what means would be left to prevent an insurrectionist government from fomenting such a national emergency in the future and making such seizures, as a means of gaining treasonous control over our sovereign people?

Simple enough?

Go to it.

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And here’s what I found myself doing last Summer, when I showed up at CPAC Chicago: “On Violations of Our Sovereignty, at CPAC Chicago: Bachmann, Cain & Roskam.”

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