John Nichols – Speech on the History of American Socialism

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John Nichols

An interesting speech by open socialist and The Nation journalist John Nichols, to Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America, just after the 2012 election.

Barack Obama gets a lot of attention and praise, while denying (as DSA always does, as a matter of course) that he is a socialist.

Socialists A. Philip Randolph, Michael Harrington and Victor Reuther get credit for the birth of the US civil rights movement and the successes of their protege Martin Luther King, Jr.

Congressman John Conyers is also in the audience.

Nichols also correctly exposes the Marxist influences in the early Republican Party – something that has unfortunately never been completely eradicated.

Very worthwhile viewing for those who want to understand the hidden and pervasive influence of socialists in US politics.


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