1. Oh, tooooooo funny. Do you forget who started indefinite detention? And the murder of innocents, torture,political prisoners, kidnapping, domestic spying and dismantling of the Constitution? That would be the previous administration, headed by Dick….I mean GW Bush. And you all voted for him, at least twice, and fully supported and defended his actions. Hypocrites.

    • He beat the alternatives.

      • You sound like a complete idiot. Not only was he complicit in all the aforementioned catastrophes that served to make the U.S. a laughing stock the world over, he was also complicit in the almost total eradication of our American way of life in 2007-08 until Obama stepped in and cleaned his mess. The mess that your side started and continue to try to lead us into a death spiral. Wake up you tool!! Conservatives want to take this country back to the 19th century and all the bigotry and stupidity that comes with it.

        • Dustin, please enlighten us. Exactly what messes did Barack Obama clean up and exactly how, please?

          Also, exactly what was wrong in the 19th Century, to which you believe conservatives wish take us back?

    • All of you want to see what will happen if your savor abama gets his way then give him all power and see. More deaths will happen because once he makes guns illegal innocent poeple wont be able to defend themselves because the bad guys will have the guns, if you dont believe that then ask yourselfs this question. When is the last time you saw a criminal follow the law? THEY DONT!!!!thats why they are criminals. so why would they listen to a law that says no guns allowed? Theyll kill or harm whoever they want to, no matter what the law says. thats why obama deserves to be in this photo with all the other @$$holes who took this right away from poeple. Everyone knows the holocaust. History repeats itself, SO LEARN FROM IT!!!!!!!!!!!

      • This is possibly the most idiotic thing, I have ever read. Take a look at other countries such as my own, Australia. Guns here are illegal, when was the last massacre from a maniac gunman?
        Even comparing America under Obamas to the holocaust is the most retarded comment I have heard

        • What is worse, K Rudd? A few horrific shootings, possibly staged by subversives seeking to take gunowners’ rights away? Or, global “New World Order” totalitarianism’s successful subjugation of the people, because the people are unarmed?

  2. Hitler, killed 12 million people over race, religion and ethnicity, Stalin, killed 10’s of millions oh his own people Obama, Killed the worlds most wanted man. your an idiot

    • Barack Obama is the most ravenous supporter of Planned Parenthood’s eugenic abortion (plus infanticide out of the womb) in the history of residents of the White House. You seem to be leaving out deaths due to abortion.

  3. Really? Why the heck would you mix the ,competitively, worst people who ever lived with the person who killed the worst person who ever lived? Is it because he’s African-American? No! It’s because you don’t want the ,competitively, best president ever is black? ansewer me that!

  4. Oh please, I hate Obama as much as the next *sensible* person but I’m not ridiculously overdramatic about it. I mean god damn.

  5. I don’t know who your are but let me explain one thing we do not claim Obama as our savior because Jesus Christ is my savior now I don’t know why in the hell you got Obama with rasist a[edited]s white men because I don’t recall him killing innocent people because of there race and the next time your bitch ass wanna say something hit me up on instagram @daramqueen171575 bet you won’t get told the f[edited]k off

  6. I want to begin by saying I’m NOT racist. If so, I wouldn’t have voted for the traitor the first time. But after only a couple months I realized my mistake. If you can’t see what the traitor, Muslim EXTREMIST s.o.b. is doing you definately got issues. You just haven’t been affected yet. There are actually websites dedicated to blacks that have realized he’s a traitor trying to get the other blacks to suck up their pride and open their eyes. You people just haven’t been affected yet. You will be. As for killing the worst person blah blah blah….HE wants to be the Muslim terrorist dictator who takes over the world. That’s his goal. He sure does give out a lot of free handouts. To get your votes. But you ain’t his brothas n sistas. He HATES YOU. Just like the rest of us AMERICAN INFIDELS. The government can try to disarm all they want. They don’t understand what they’re up against. What we need to worry about more than that is social breakdown from economic collapse. But either way, they ain’t gettin my guns. You follow your Sheppard off the cliff if you wish. Don’t count on us when you come to your senses. SHEEP.

  7. You are all wrong and on the wrong thoughts
    1. The name of your problems is called “5 eyed allies” not close to big brother.
    2. It’s divided in many different organizations such as “gang stalkers” or “organized gang stalkers ”
    3. All money goes their ^
    4. All problems will exist because of this and theirs nothing you can do about unless it’s planned its estates throughout history and it’s being repeated again again and again
    (If you suffer from a a disease depression no money suicide it this )

  8. I have a feeling all of these discussions, comments, and perspectives are rather biased. It’s actually pretty funny to read. Humans are crazy. I agree with K Rudd.

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