The Definitive Dossier on PTSD in Whistleblowers

Gulag Note:  Please pray for whistleblowers.  We need more and more of them and they need protection.



The Definitive Dossier on PTSD in Whistleblowers by Michael Volpe:

From historical figures like Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, Frank Serpico, and The Insider himself Dr. Jeffrey Wigand, whistleblowers have always been on the front lines of rooting out corruption.

The personal sacrifice that they make in bringing the truth to light is rarely told with the detail it deserves.

Investigative journalist Michael Volpe takes a close look at the pain and suffering that goes along blowing the whistle on corruption.

Whether it’s the story of a psychologist that was retaliated against after reporting on a case of suspected child abuse, or the case of a roofer that attempted to blow the whistle on suspected bid rigging only to find a sea of corruption, these stories will amaze, enlighten, and disturb the audience all at once.

Relying on thousands of hours of interviews, first hand experience, and the help of legendary figures like Hans Selye and Emil Kraepelin, Volpe shows how these harrowing stories often lead to trauma, which then leads to PTSD.

Combining investigative journalism, historical analysis, along with psycho-analysis, this book gives the audience a view on both the act of whistleblowing and its traumatic effects in a way it’s never been told before.

Chapter 4 from "The Definitive Dossier of PTSD in Whistleblowers"

Chapter 4: Anna Chacko by Michael Volpe

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