Obama’s ‘Secret Letter’ to Moscow

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The long time strategy of Moscow has always been to destroy US defense capability and then through war/and or “diplomacy”/international law, end American sovereignty forever.

All his life, President Barack Obama has worked with radicals such as Frank Marshall Davis, Alice Palmer and Bill Ayers, all of whom dedicated their lives to bringing America to its knees.

These ideas seemed to have rubbed off on the President himself.

The Russians are hailing Obama’s choice of leftists: Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense and John Kerry for Secretary of State, as potentially having a “positive effect on Russia-US relations.”

Russia is also awaiting a “secret letter” from president Obama, one that is expected to contain some proposals in the sphere of disarmament, including nuclear.

The letter will be delivered by president Obama’s National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon, a member of that well known patriotic organization, the Council on Foreign Relations.

From Kremlim propaganda mouthpiece Russia Today:

Alexei Pushkov, the head of the State Duma committee on international affairs, believes that a top Washington aide will deliver to Moscow offers on nuclear disarmament in an upcoming visit.

­“The US president’s National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon is expected to arrive in Moscow in February,” Pushkov told a news conference in Moscow on Wednesday. “He is expected to bring a so-called secret letter.”

The leading Russian politician, while admitting that “no one knows what this letter will say,” said he believes it will contain “some proposals in the sphere of disarmament, including nuclear…”

Discussing the so-called Russia-US reset, which Pushkov said “has exhausted itself,” he noted that the relationship has “entered a phase of reformatting.” While acknowledging the achievements between Washington and Moscow – including partnership in Afghanistan, Russia’s accession to the WTO and the signing of a nuclear arms reduction treaty – Pushkov held out hope that the Russia-US relationship would get back on track in 2013…

“If Chuck Hagel is approved as Pentagon chief, he is also known as [a] political realist,” Pushkov said, adding that a Kerry-Hagel tandem could have a positive effect on Russia-US relations.

Trying to appease or befriend Moscow will work out just as well as trying to appease Nazi Germany did.

Obama is playing a very dangerous game with American national security. If he succeeds in disarming America, then the combined forces of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and others, will be able to exercise their will anywhere in the world.

If the balance swings too far in their favor, they will almost certainly strike at the American Heartland.

Obama isn’t just playing a silly game here. He is putting hundreds of millions of lives, and Western Civilization itself, at grave risk.

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