Major Exposé Coming!

New Zeal


What if a former supporter of a violent communist organization was now a respectable member of the US Congress – a highly influential rising star in the Democratic Party?

What if this communist group had a deliberate policy of infiltrating the Democratic Party to serve communist ends?

What if this person was still working closely with members of this communist network, even while serving as a member of Congress?

What if the communist party in question was allied to a foreign power known for its hostility to the interests of the United States?

What if this congressperson was still associating with senior officials of this hostile regime?

What if this person was appointed to several key committees in the US Congress?

What if this person was a major supporter of President Barack Obama?

Would you be concerned?

For the answers and much more, stay tuned to this blog.

Beginning this week, New Zeal will be publishing a series of posts exposing the Congress member in question.

The results of this research will also be loaded onto our sister site KeyWiki, as it is released to the public.

Please help KeyWiki get this vital information before the voting public. They need to know exactly who is hiding their real affiliations to get elected.

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  1. Bombshell!!!

    Obama’s DHS is using Your Tax Dollars to Form a Cyber Army (Over 3,500 People) to Target Anti-Obama Sites

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