John Kerry for Secretary of State? An Insult to All Those Who Served

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Leftist fellow traveler John Kerry for US Secretary of State? Any GOP Senator who doesn’t fight this one tooth and nail, should be primaried out at the earliest opportunity.

This is the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad from the 2004 presidential election, exposing Kerry’s sell out of his fellow Vietnam vets. This clip alone should be enough to sink this disgrace to his country.


  1. John Kerry slur makes troops expendable
    Canada Free Press ^ | 11-1-06 | John Burtis
    Posted on November 1, 2006 9:10:02 AM EST by veronica

    John Kerry, pomposity, idiocy

    Well, we all knew it couldn’t last too long. What were the real chances that John Kerry could keep his trap shut long enough for the new Democrats to seize Congress, the Presidency, the high ground, and finally gain the enduring friendship of the world’s terrorists without a fuss.

    But it was not to be.

    This tall, early Hallowe’en garbed, gaunt, brooding, visage, in an airy jocose liberal attempt to curry favor with the far left Angelides crowd at Pasadena City College, Monday, had to let fly with another patented searing stab at the intelligence of today’s highly skilled all-volunteer military, who are laying their lives on the line in this bloody month of October in Iraq. He had to because he can’t stop himself from continually humiliating our men at arms at every chance.

    “”If you don’t (study hard) you get stuck in Iraq,” the one time presidential contender and habitual mini-cam chasing occasional Boston politico intoned imperiously before the assembled coeds and their gracious tittering, little knowing that these cheap cheesy remarks directly directed at the aptitude of our troops might redound to his detriment.

    Now remember Mr. John “Live Shot” Kerry’s vaunted past; liberal scion, private school boy, Yale man of measured merriment, rich liberal wives, vanity license plate, large convoy of SUV’s, charter member of the VVAW and the Winter Soldiers, his DD-214 resting in secrecy, pardoned by Jimmy Carter, left wing darling, who steers clear of the very people he claims to care so much about.

    Then recall the special place Mr. Kerry keeps in his heart for his beloved brothers in the military. It is a location that the long time Massachusetts liberal is so damnably quick to illuminate with his purposefully supportive comments.

    In totally unsubstantiated testimony before a Democratic Congress in 1971, in the company of men who were found to have never served in Vietnam, let alone be entitled to wear the uniforms and medals they so gaily sported, Mr. Kerry stated under oath, “…they (American soldiers) had personally cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Ghengis Khan…”

    The scurrilous, and some would say treasonous, activities of John Kerry, the VVAW, and the Winter Soldiers heaped an outrageous amount of opprobrium on soldiers which forever tainted their valorous service in Vietnam.

    Again, in December of 2005, we find a disconnected John Kerry fully supporting the American soldiers in deadly combat in the field, by exclaiming that they were acting like the terrorists they were fighting in an interview with Bob Schieffer, and by seemingly indicating that fighting during the evening hours was a decided no no.

    The Winter Soldier and hard core VVAW veteran explained, by taking a page directly out of his water stained, dog eared, Vietnam era playbook, which is shared by so many of his fellow progressives in today’s Congress, “And there is no reason (in ground combat, mind you), Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking the sort of customs of the — of — the historical customs, religious customs.”

    No reason at all in an unconventional war to raid homes at night, unless you want to lose, of course.

    We know that Mr. John Kerry, a staunch long time member of the cut and run anti-war crowd, an effete liberal, a man so very concerned with fear mongering, wants the US to lose, redeploy so far away that it amounts to a surrender, and appease the agents of terror with whatever means and instruments they may at once demand and require at the moment of our departure.

    And so Mr. Kerry continues in demonstrating his distaste for the military, in showing that he is still locked forever in 1971, the year of his greatest Vietnam era media exploits, and still he doesn’t get it, any of it.

    Following the uproar which his remarks causes across the length and breadth of America, he immediately began to blame the Republicans, President Bush, and the failed Iraq policies, which demanded his outburst. Which was, after all, according to Mr. Kerry, a cry against the war, the administration, against everyone connected to the war’s poor management, but never against the soldiers, at whom his poor, shabby, tawdry joke was clearly directed.

    Thanks to his remarks, Mr. McCain, President Bush, the national president of the American Legion, are all demanding that he apologize for his utterly demeaning comments.

    And for a little while, during this dreadful mid-term election, where the specter of a Democratic win is coupled with another immediate American defeat, we glimpse another liberal voicing his utter contempt for those who walk those lonely ramparts of freedom voluntarily.

    For ever since 9/11 all those killed have volunteered their lives in our cause of freedom.

    And everyone who fights in Iraq — some for three and four tours — is there because they want to be.

    Sadly, that is what Mr. Kerry and his saucer shallow and water weak sisters in the new Democratic Party are too lazy to contemplate, but all too eager to throw away.

    But clearly, in the eyes of Mr. Kerry and his cowardly ilk — our troops are all easily expendable.

    John Burtis is a former Broome County, NY firefighter, a retired Santa Monica, CA, police officer. He obtained his BA in European History at Boston University and is fluent in German. He resides in NH with his wife, Betsy. John Burtis can be reached at:

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