The Institute for Policy Studies’ “Inside-Oustside” Strategy for the Obama Administration

New Zeal

In this video, made during Obama’s first term, Joy Zarembka of the Institute for Policy Studies, outlines her organization’s plans for influencing Obama Administration policy.

Basically, IPS plans to mobilize its radical Marxist allies to pressure Obama from the streets; to use its more respectable high level radical friends to burrow into the Administration and influence policy from the inside.

The Washington DC IPS is the ideas factory for Obama’s people. It was once infamous for its ties to the Soviet KGB and Cuban intelligence.

Today it spreads socialist ideas though a whole range of sympathetic Washington insiders and politicians, while inspiring its friends in Democratic Socialists of America, Communist Party USA and a whole host of other “progressive” groups to take the battle to the streets.


  1. They are all role players. Don’t believe this Marxist when she says that Obama is “moving to the center or to the right.” They are all filling their roles in the Fabianist plan.

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