Big Business & Marxist Collusion – Bourgeois Socialism


The Occupy Movement, as we all know, was and is a tool of the elite. Skilled in projection and deflection, they screamed that big business was the enemy of the people and Marxism was the cure. No sane American would fall for that tripe. What the lame movement, if they had been honest, would have railed against was big business in collusion with big government. A marriage made in hell and brought to you by Barack Obama and the bourgeois socialists.

Listen to what Andrew Wilkow has to say on bourgeois socialism (there are no images – only audio):

We now have many, many examples of these elitists who have crawled into bed with the Marxists… From Warren Buffet, to Jeffrey Immelt of GE, the list is long and inglorious. These are wealthy and powerful businessmen and women looking for security in the arms of Comrade Obama while keeping the proletariat riffraff (that would be you and me) in check and busily working for them and their luxuries in a slavish society that is forcefully equal in misery, except for the upper levels of the bourgeois socialists. GE is probably the worst of the worst. Immelt praises the Chinese communists:

Why not? GE, under Obama’s guidance, has moved a great deal of their business into China where labor is cheaper and regulation and taxation are far less. And now comes word that GE will make nuclear power plant parts in China. Isn’t that sleeping with the enemy? Except, I’m no longer sure who the enemy is. From Bill Gertz at The Washington Free Beacon:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is supporting a bid by General Electric to export jobs and nuclear technology to China by seeking assurances from Beijing that it will not steal or transfer valuable reactor technology, the Free Beacon has learned.

Clinton’s support for a future deal with GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy, a Wilmington, N.C., company, to make reactor vessels in China for a nuclear plant it hopes to build in India was disclosed in a cable sent Nov. 21 to the United States Embassy in Beijing.

The cable directs embassy officials to seek Beijing’s assurances that GE-Hitachi nuclear technology would not be transferred to other states or stolen, as outlined under the terms of a 2003 U.S.-China agreement on nuclear technology cooperation.

Disclosure of the Obama administration’s support for GE-Hitachi’s bid to manufacture nuclear goods in China comes as GE’s chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, continues to head the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which advises President Barack Obama on ways to improve the nation’s economy and create jobs.

GE also came under fire last year from Pentagon technology security officials over the company’s joint venture with the state-run Aviation Industry Corp. of China (AVIC) over concerns China would covertly obtain U.S. jet avionics technology that could bolster its growing force of advanced jets.

Immelt is an admirer of Mao and of Barack Obama. Generally, he just loves power. But, his vehicle of choice is Marxism. And GE has a long history of this, but more on that in a minute. Not only is GE smooching with China, they are actively (and knowingly) helping China get nuclear technology to Iran and Pakistan – all with Obama’s blessing. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, huh? Nope that’s just the nuclear fallout.

While you see all these wealthy companies including Walmart, Pepsi, the big banks, Wall Street, media and a whole slew of others jumping on Obama’s red train, you might ask yourself why? Aren’t they going to be taxed more? Clearly these mega companies did not get the size they are by playing by the same rules you and I do. They know how to ‘shelter’ their companies from most of the taxation and other annoyances. And as an added bennie, if they sneak into the ever-expanding Marxist bed, they are given nifty tax breaks, regulation waivers and other money making contracts. All they have to do is kneel before the state and they can have it all. What’s the going price for a little monetary soul between Marxists these days? About 30 pieces of silver I’d wager. By swearing their allegiance to the government, they will be protected from the commoners – they will be taken into the elite circles where they will be served by their American subjects. Such are the enraptured power dreams of the bourgeois socialists.

Know who else did this? Why, Adolph Hitler of course. That’s right. Many of the companies that aligned with Nazi Germany are still in business today. Prepare to be enlightened:

As big business became increasingly organized, it developed an increasingly close partnership with the Nazi government. The government pursued economic policies that maximized the profits of its business allies, and, in exchange, business leaders supported the government’s political and military goals.

From Business Pundit:

  • General Electric
    In 1946 General Electric was fined by the US government owing to its nefarious wartime activities. In partnership with Krupp, a German manufacturing firm, General Electric deliberately and artificially raised the price of tungsten carbide, a material that was vital for machining metals necessary for the war effort. Though only fined $36,000 in total, General Electric made around $1.5 million out of this scam in 1936 alone, hampering the war effort and increasing the cost of defeating the Nazis. GE also bought shares in Siemens before war broke out, making them complicit in the use of slave labor to build the very same gas chambers where many of the stricken laborers met their end.
  • BMW
    BMW has admitted using up to 30,000 forced laborers during the war. These POWs, slave laborers and inmates of concentration camps produced engines for the Luftwaffe and so were forced to aid the regime in defending itself against those who were trying to save them. BMW focused solely on aircraft and motorcycle manufacture during the war, with no pretense of being anything other than a supplier of war machinery to the Nazis.
  • Nestle
    In 2000, Nestlé paid over $14.5 million into a fund to try to deal with claims of slave labor suffered at their hands from Holocaust survivors and Jewish organizations. The firm has admitted that it acquired a company in 1947 that had used forced labor during the war and has also stated that “[It] is either certain or it may be assumed that some corporations of the Nestlé Group that were active in countries controlled by the National Socialist (Nazi) regime employed forced laborers.” Nestlé helped with the financing of a Nazi party in Switzerland in 1939 and ended up winning a lucrative contract, supplying the entire chocolate needs of the German army during World War II.
  • Novartis
    Bayer, though notorious for its origins as a sub-division of the manufacturer that made the Zyklon B gas used in the Nazi gas chambers, isn’t the only pharmaceutical company with skeletons in its closet. The Swiss chemical companies Ciba and Sandoz merged to form Novartis, most famous for its drug, Ritalin. In 1933, Ciba’s Berlin branch fired all of the Jewish members of its board of directors and replaced them with more “acceptable” Aryan personnel; meanwhile, Sandoz was busy doing the same with its chairman. The companies manufactured dyes, drugs and chemicals for the Nazis during the war. Novartis has owned up to its culpability and tried to make amends in the manner of other complicit firms by contributing $15 million towards a Swiss fund for compensation to the victims of the Nazis.
  • Allianz
    Allianz is the twelfth largest financial services company in the world. Founded in Germany in 1890, it’s no surprise that they were the largest insurer in Germany when the Nazis came to power. As such, they quickly became heavily involved with the Nazi regime. Their CEO, Kurt Schmitt, was also Hitler’s economics minister, and the company insured the facilities and personnel at Auschwitz. Their Director General was in charge of the policy that paid the Nazi state instead of the rightful beneficiaries when Jewish property was damaged following Kristallnacht. What’s more, the company worked closely with the Nazi government to track down the life insurance policies of German Jews sent to the death camps and, during the war, insured the possessions stripped from those same Jewish people on behalf of the Nazis.
  • Coca-Cola
    Fanta is a tasty orange-flavored drink that was originally designed specifically for the Nazis. That’s right, ingredients for the cola that gives the brand its name were difficult to import, so the manager of Coca-Cola’s German operation, Max Keith, came up with a new drink that could be made with available ingredients. In 1941, Fanta debuted on the German market. Max Keith was not himself a Nazi, but his efforts to keep the Coca-Cola operation alive through the war meant that Coca-Cola pocketed some handsome profits and could return to distributing Coke to American GIs stationed in Europe as soon as the war was over.
  • Kodak
    When you think Kodak, you think of happy family photographs and memories caught on film, but what you should really be considering is the slave labor that the German branch of the firm used during World War II. Kodak’s subsidiaries in neutral European countries did brisk business with the Nazis, providing them with both a market for their goods and valuable foreign currency. The Portuguese branch even sent its profits to the branch in the Hague, which was under Nazi occupation at the time. What’s more, this company wasn’t just making cameras; they expanded into the manufacture of triggers, detonators and other military goods for the Germans.
  • Random House
    You may not have heard of Bertelsmann A.G. but you will have heard of the books published by its many subsidiaries, including Random House, Bantam Books and Doubleday. During Nazi rule, Bertelsmann published propaganda and Nazi literature such as “Sterilization and Euthanasia: A Contribution to Applied Christian Ethics.” They even published works by Will Vesper, who had given a rousing speech at the book-burning in 1933. Random House courted Nazi controversy again in 1997 when they added, “a person who is fanatically dedicated to or seeks to control a specified activity, practice, etc.” to the Webster’s dictionary definition of Nazi, prompting the Anti-Defamation League to say that it “trivializes and denies the murderous intent and actions of the Nazi regime.”
  • Ford
    Henry Ford himself was a notorious anti-Semite, publishing a collection of articles under the charming title, The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. Ford even sponsored his own newspaper which he used as a propaganda piece, blaming the Jews for World War I, and in 1938 he received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest medal Nazi Germany awarded to foreign citizens. Ford’s German operation produced one third of the militarized trucks used by the German army during the war, with much of the labor done by prisoners. What’s even more shocking is that Ford may have used forced labor as early as 1940 — when the American arm of the company still had complete control.
  • Chase
    On reflection, the collusion of Chase Bank (now J.P. Morgan Chase), with the Nazis isn’t so surprising. One of its major shareholders, J.D. Rockefeller, had directly funded Nazi eugenics experiments before the war. Between 1936 and 1941, Chase and other US banks helped the Germans raise over $20 million in dollar exchange, netting over $1.2 million in commission — of which Chase pocketed a cool $500,000. That was a lot of money at the time. The fact that the German marks used to fund the operation came from Jews who had fled Nazi Germany didn’t seem to bother Chase — in fact they upped their business after Kristallnacht (the night Jews throughout Nazi Germany and Austria were systematically attacked by mobs in 1938). Chase also froze the accounts of French Jews in occupied France before the Nazis had even gotten around to asking them to.

Do you see a pattern here? I sure as hell do. Businesses were highly organized (uber community organizers) under Hitler. Hugo Boss designed the militarized uniforms of the SS (as well as the brown shirts of the SA and the Hitler Youth); Volkswagen designed the Beetle at Hitler’s behest and mass produced them using slave labor; Standard Oil provided the gas for the German planes; and IBM designed the punch cards that were used to systematize the extermination of people by race and class.

Charming. All in the name of big business and it is happening again – now in America. What this means for all of America in the end with wealth redistribution is trickle-up poverty. The revenge of our anti-colonialist Marxist leaders will be complete. The Constitution will be no more and in its place will be a new Motherland. When big business colludes with a Marxist government, very bad things happen. Just look at history and you will see our future. Remember, all roads in this realm lead to communism and death. Who needs a Mayan apocalypse when you have Obama?


  1. World keeps turnin’. Everything old is new again!

  2. Democrats, the rich, the proverbial punching bag

    Stop calling me filthy rich, I’m just a Kulak!

    By John Burtis
    Tuesday, July 11, 2006, Canada Free Press

    I am so tired of being castigated for being outlandishly rich by your Democratic millionaires and billionaires like Dick Turban, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards and John Kerry.

    Ha! You’d think we’re dining with the Trumps, jet setting with, gulp, the Kerrys, glad handing George Soros, pumping up the volume with the kings of hip-hop, have our noses in the trough with the aging rock and rollers, that we’re off to Bermuda at the drop of a hat, have a summer home in the Kennebunks, and that our winding gravel driveway is awash in Ferraris, Tucker Torpedoes, and Nash Ramblers.

    Nope, but it sure seems that we’re being lambasted and excoriated by the Democrats at every turn for being part of some kind of a vaulted ruling class for possessing a bit of land, running water, two automobiles, two dogs and a brace of cats, two inside bathrooms, a ceiling fan, a load of books, a dining room set, my old firefighting coat, some curtains, a double kitchen sink, a “sewing room” where my wife piles all her junk, and a well worn grill on the back deck.

    Nope, instead, just call me a Kulak.

    You remember those dreaded Kulaks. They were the “rich” peasants who were declared a class enemy by Stalin and the communists in the late 20s and early 30s, and then wiped out because they had a little place of their own, a few pigs or chickens, a bit of stored grain, clothing, maybe some shoes, and were then declared enemies of the state because, it was widely said, they hoarded grain to make foodstuffs when they got “hungry.”

    Yep, the doggone Kulaks refused to knuckle under to the centralized forfeiture of everything they had, failed to starve quickly enough, hid their pigs and cows, and actually, in many cases, tried to survive. And for that they were killed in their many millions.

    We face the same pressures today from the Democrats. Many of us refuse to hand over everything to the state, fail to recognize Hillary, Russ and Howard Dean as the final God-like arbiters of healthcare, food, education, protection, jobs, electricity, water, automobiles, gasoline and the rest. And for this bit of passive resistance, we are declared “rich,” the wealthy class, enemies of the state, and will be hounded for our little bit of cash and grain when the Democrats, their lackeys, and lickspittles attain power again.

    And how did we acquire this vast Kulak state of wealth which requires a programmable calculator to keep track of? Well, at least, in my case, a pencil and a piece of paper, or at the very least, a sack of corn kernels and a flat surface to count it out on?

    My wife works long hours and I’m retired.

    Why am I retired?

    Well, let’s see. I was smashed to pieces twice as a cop and left for dead on Wilshire Boulevard once, not a pretty sight at that, my fellow officers are forever telling me.

    And when I woke up in intensive care, there wasn’t a single Democratic senator worth their salt around to verify my injuries, my lengthy recuperation, my head trauma, and to explain my classification as a Kulak or to cluck over my future as a class enemy, so I’m stuck in that dreaded limbo today — that of being retired, fabulously wealthy, and writing this from the alleged comfort of my expansive and luxurious home while my long suffering wife works to keep the whole thing afloat and any number of tax men away from the door.

    Oh, yes, it’s not easy being outrageously flush in America, not when you’re constantly hounded by the progressive fox hounds who think you’re not paying enough in all kinds of tolls, levies, tariffs, taxes, fees, and exactions, and they’re ready, willing and able to take what little you have accrued away.

    Oh, we’re Kulaks, alright, and so are our friends. We don’t really know any of the super rich Democrats who are always passing judgment on us all the time. They always seem to hang around the big name places where we don’t feel at home.

    Someday, if the Democrats ever have their final say at the ballot and in government, all of us Kulaks will be swept away, just like they did in the USSR in those heady days when Uncle Joe wanted the harvest for the city workers while the peasants wanted to eat and they came up short and were ploughed under by the tractors supplied by those huge machine tractor stations.

    Rich is just a term for today’s class struggle between today’s American Kulaks, who have the means for just a few of life’s finer things, like a television, a vacation, maybe air-conditioning, a refrigerator, a car, and private property, and those who want to destroy it all for the advancement of socialism while they remain the truly rich — the Nomenklatura – in the next great failure of another progressive experiment.

    Oh, yes, the Clintons and the other party theoreticians are always showing us the way to that great worker’s paradise — a mean shabby little joint for everyone except the big wigs.

    We would work, of course, the Kulaks always do before they finally disappear, when the golden liberal pheasants will enjoy their lasting paradise forever.

    John Burtis is a former Broome County, NY firefighter, a retired Santa Monica, CA, police officer. He obtained his BA in European History at Boston University and is fluent in German. He resides in NH with his wife, Betsy. John Burtis can be reached at:

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