A Challenge to All Liberals, Progressives, and RINOs, Who STILL Believe Obama is NOT a Communist

New Zeal

If, after more than four years of Obamunism, you sincerely believe that the man is NOT a communist or in bed with the communists, I offer you this challenge.

Click the blue link to our KeyWiki page on Barack Obama and the Communist Party. Read it right through.

Then you can check out his ties to two other anti-American Marxist groups Democratic Socialists of America and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

If you can then rationally tell me why I am wrong in my conclusion that Obama is a long time ally of the Communists, I will do two things:

(A) Refrain from mentioning Obama’s ties to the Communists on this blog ever again.

(B) Withdraw my book Barack Obama, and the Enemies Within from the market immediately and permanently.

I’m waiting…

Trevor Loudon


  1. Liberals won’t admit it because most of them follow the same ideology. All any of them had to do was read the two books he wrote (or Ayres wrote) to know who he really is, and even when you quote him directly the fuss is “you took it out of context”

    Like good devout Muslims are allowed to lie their way through life in order to get what they want, our communist liberals do the same, even when they know better they lie and say it “ain’t so”.

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