Cheney Takes Flamethrower to Obama

Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot

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“When you add to that the enormous damage that is and is about to be done to the United States military with a trillion dollar cut when you add up what’s already on the budget as well as take out another 500 billion we are doing long term damage to our military capabilities. One of the first things I did after Desert Storm was call Ronald Reagan in Los Angeles… This was right after we finished the operation. I called him and I said “Mr. President, I want to thank-you for all those $600 toilet seats you bought back in the eighties.” (laughter) He didn’t see the humor in it immediately, but the point was what we had to use in the nineties, was what he purchased and the troops that had been trained and recruited and the officers that had been educated and the equipment that had been built back in the early nineties.

So what we are doing today, by way of damaging the US military is going to be a fact of life that future presidents are going to have to deal with. Barack Obama isn’t just dealing with his budget problems; he in fact is restricting the future capabilities of the next president two or three times down the road in terms of our capacity to be able to deal with fundamental threats to the United States and they are out there and we can be absolutely certain that there are people out there tonight planning to do what happened on 9/11 only with deadlier weapons than 19 hijackers armed with airline tickets and box cutters.”


  1. Never liked this man,but,he is absolutely correct on this issue.He could do one more thing for our country,take homobama bird hunting in Texax.

  2. As my link above proves, Cheney knew about 911 beforehand. Talk about flame throwing! Cheney is evil, the embodiment of evil.

    Cheney not only hated the Taliban before Al Qaida was a gleam in his eye, but he predicted a new Pearl Harbor a year before 911 on the PNAC website. Cheney is wicked, wicked, wicked.

    Was he lucky? Was he a reader of tea leaves? Don’t be naive, Cheney facilitated 911 which is why PNAC new about a new Pearl Harbor a year before 911 happened and posted it on their website.

  3. The audacity. What he says is true but, he is a member of the trilateral commission and is therefore part of the bigger problem…Carter, GH Bush, Clinton, Cheney all are in league with the fabian socialist that want a UN world government. He just doesn’t like the way 0 is going about it. Same ends just different means. RINO.

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