Van Jones Goes Off the Deep End


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Van Jones spoke at the 16th annual Mario Savio Memorial Lecture on the campus of University of California Berkeley last Wednesday evening. In the passionate lecture, Van called Republicans and those who oppose the president “treasonous” and created an allegory where they wish to let people die on a beach.

VAN JONES: “Let the bodies pile up on the beach. Let the pain accumulate. Because our view is this: If enough dead bodies pile up on this beach they are going to fire the lifeguard and we can get the lifeguard’s job.”


  1. Excellent point he has.

  2. WHy didn’t you at least write a small text of how Van Jones is lying? YOu could easily have listed the executive orders and the phony FEMA PR show they put on for the Hurricane Sandy victims when Gov. Christy showed up? Go to Alexander Higgins blog and see 1st hand what happened to his own home. THe real truth is, despite the fact that Bush acted badly on Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, he acted much worse on that same hurricane in the white areas of Mississipi on the coast that got hit way harder than New Orleans. But u didn’t hear a bunch of apple martini drinking NYC media liberals and welfare blacks whining about it endlessly for 8 yrs. Now we had Hurricane Sandy almost 3 mos ago that has received ZERO media attention, yet devasted many more homes than did Hurricane Katrina in NOLA. This guy needs to be exposed, otherwise 99% who watch this vid aren’t going to understand. Even 1 commentor here at gulagexposedDOTcom, didn’t get it!

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