Egypt Descends Further Into Tyranny

New Zeal

Surprize, surprize! The “Arab Spring” in Egypt, has resulted in more tyranny, not less.

From Russia Today

Police in Cairo used teargas against protesters after clashes erupted on Tahrir Square, leaving one dead. The violence came before a 100,000-strong rally demanding the country’s Islamist president withdraw decrees vastly expanding his power.

Police fired tear gas after hundreds of demonstrators began pelting them with rocks on a street between the US Embassy and the historic square which served as the epicenter of the uprising that toppled authoritarian president Hosni Mubarak nearly two years ago.

Meanwhile, protesters stormed the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country’s second largest city of Alexandria. The crowd broke in to the building hurling papers and furniture from a balcony.

Activists reported that a protester in his 20s died in Cairo as a result of being exposed to too much tear gas, making him the fourth person to lose his life in clashes across Egypt over the last five days.

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