Hate Speech

Most crimes are objective in nature, as they can be observed or measured.  For instance, murder means someone is dead.  Theft means something was taken (can be electronic as well as physical, but there is a record).  Speeding means that there is a limit to the maximum speed and it can be accurately measured.  Assault means someone was physically attacked, or verbally threatened with physical attack.  When it comes to objective crimes, their definitions remain consistent over time.

However, the introduction of “hate speech” into the legal system is purely subjective and can be manipulated to serve the causes and ideology of the State.  Once hate speech laws are enacted, it gives the government the ability to classify almost anything as “hate speech,” up to and including opposition to the State.  The criminalization of hate speech directly contradicts freedom of speech rights granted by the First Amendment, and will ultimately result in State-sponsored censorship.

Here are two examples of how “hate speech” thinking is applied.  Through them it will be clear how the government decides what is hate speech and what is not based on their own ideology and political goals, and not on any higher standard of moral conduct.

Islam by it’s very nature and conduct is replete with hate speech, and is in fact genocidal against those who do not accept Islam.  However, our government gives them a pass and labels them the “religion of peace.”  In fact, the government goes so far as to label jihadic violence in the name of Islam “workplace violence.”  Our Administration is even voicing their support for international law (Human Rights Council Resolution 1618) that prohibits that speech which incites religious violence in order to protect the Islamic faith (see David Horowitz’s speech on the matter).

Christianity, on the other hand, is not given such a pass.  The assault on the Word of God and Christians is just beginning, as preachers are starting to come under scrutiny for preaching against homosexual behavior.  This teaching of the Word will eventually be categorized as “hate speech” and criminalized.  Then Christians will be forced to either edit any such “hate speech” out of their Bibles, or get rid of them altogether.  Leaders and pundits may even compare the Bible to Mein Kampf in its “intolerance.”

Why does the government find this necessary?  Because the government wants to be god on earth, dictating what is right and wrong.  Just look at some of our government’s actions that contradict the will of God:

  • open support for, and encouragement of, homosexual behavior
  • encouragement of sexual promiscuity through education, birth control, and murder (abortion)
  • discouragement of personal responsibility through bailouts, grants, “free stuff,” etc.
  • idol worship through the explicit legitimization of other religions and rejection of the God of the Bible
  • destruction of the family unit through social programs and propaganda; employment of the educational system to perpetuate lies (such as the specious theories of evolution and man-made climate change) and encourage immoral behavior that undermine parents’ teachings of morality, truth and religion; and ultimately replacing the authority of parents with the authority of the State
  • encouraging taking from some to give to others, and that the government can provide everything that you need (coveting and theft)

All of these actions are designed to appeal to the carnal nature of man so that Americans will want to seek the baser, lower road that is encouraged by the government rather than seek the higher road as laid out by God.  The American government is making America safe for sinners, and pushing the Word of God aside to do so.  They may eventually make the Word of God illegal because it is “hateful” against those who follow the depraved guidance of the government.  Once the people worship the false idol of the humanist government, they will submit as slaves and liberty will have died in America.

“Your God is hateful and won’t let you do what you want!  We, as your government, are much more benevolent…worship us!”

(And a final note: the criminalization of “hate speech” is a means to controlling the content of the Internet and suppress dissent amongst the population.)


Disclaimer: These opinions are solely my own, and do not reflect the opinions or official positions of any United States Government agency, organization or department.


  1. The support by the government of Islam over Christianity is preferring one religion over another, and is illegal. Any laws designed to limit speech based upon religion are illegal according to our Constitution based upon 1) freedom of speech and 2) govt promoted religion. (separation of church and state is what they call it – I don’t believe in that tho)

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