Pro-Communist ‘Journalist,’ Julie Webb-Pullman ‘Reports’ From Gaza

New Zeal

Julie Webb-Pullman

Gaza based New Zealand “journalist” Julie Webb-Pullman is being quoted on news site STUFF, as if she is a reliable, unbiased source:

Speaking via Skype while military drones could be heard hovering over her house, activist and freelance journalist Julie Webb-Pullman, who has been living in Gaza since June last year, said it was an “absolutely terrifying” place to be. “We are being rocked by bombs every 15 minutes … I was just woken up at 6am by a massive explosion that apparently killed three people. “The whole building rocked so it must have been about 500 yards from my house.” Webb-Pullman said the reality of the attacks was far from what was being reported.

Nowhere in Gaza is safe, people are being killed just walking down the street and you have to go to the shop and you have to do things like that. ” Three Israeli civilians and 108 Palestinians have so far been killed. Gaza officials say more than half of those killed in the enclave were civilians, 27 of them children, Reuters said. Webb-Pullman said yesterday a group of people were targeted by an Israeli drone which killed a nine-year-old girl and her brother. “It’s a crime against humanity what’s occurring, kids are being targeted, [Sunday] alone 31 people were killed – 10 of those children, six were women and five were babies and toddlers,” she said. “They are not military targets, they are civilians. Israel is committing war crimes plain and simple.”

STUFF fails to mention that Webb-Pullman has a long history with radical movements and communist governments in New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Cuba and the Middle East.

For a full rundown on Webb-Pullman’s radical history and affiliations, go here.

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